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Autodromo Vallelunga

My very first Autodromo watch. It's a special edition timepiece that Target commissioned from Autodromo to gift to the company's managers. Unfortunate...

Autodromo Group B re-release

Just got an email from Autodromo. Seems like they are releasing Group B in three new color combinations - Corsica Blue, Safari, or White. Delivery sch...

Autodromo Group C

I just received my Autodromo Group C in grey steel with green accents. This watch may cause some controversy from what I鈥檝e seen about it so far! I li...

Autodromo Group C lands!

This is my fifth Autodromo, so it鈥檚 fair to say I鈥檓 a bit of a fanboy! Very happy with it; the case finish and feel is very premium, and the yellow pu...

Autodromo Group C, hit or miss?

Are you ready for a $475 LCD watch that isn't a G-Shock? As someone who's raced cars in one format or another for the better part of 3 decades, it's e...

retro done right: my new group c watch review

hi all. just wanted to tell you about my latest addition, the autodromo group c premium digital watch. it鈥檚 a cool piece that attempts to combine retr...

Autodromo Group C

3.8 Avg. Score

Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 4: Autodromo Vs. Beaubleu

Rules: 鈥 Voting is based on the overall brand, not the individual model or sample photo. 鈥 There are no rules on how you should choose, but you are welcome to civilly debate quality, value, heritage,...

Autodromo Group B x Hodinkee

Finally! Always wanted a Group B but never got one because I like my auto inspired watches to be chronos. Loving the yellow/black but if this is a LE...

My Twelve Favorite Microbrand Purchases by Month in 2022

Well I figured I did my twelve favorite vintage watch purchases by month in 2022, so a good follow-up would be my twelve favorite microbrand purchases...

I guess the heart likes what the heart likes

When the Hodinkee x Autodromo was announced, I knew I was going to get one, thought about one of the wilder color ways, mainly the Aqua, but ended up...