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What’s the best watch (or watch + strap combo) for recreation and sporting?

I’ve been doing a bit more hiking recently and have had my Lorier Falcon on the wrist most of the time. I switch between the factory bracelet and a tr...

Have you ever HATED a watch at first and then fallen in love with it?

I was thinking about how my tastes have changed over time to the point that watches I started off hating have become my most adored. A prime example i...

Can’t stop appreciating my Falcon III!

I love the way the light plays with this dial! One watch, many looks and feels!

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hurryupandwait commented on You can only keep two… ·

Gotta keep that service dial that thing is sick

hurryupandwait commented on My gradient of dials ·

Indeed it is!

hurryupandwait commented on Can’t stop appreciating my Falcon III! ·

Thank you gents!

hurryupandwait commented on Favorite strap materials? ·

What’s your vote?

hurryupandwait commented on What is your most COMFORTABLE watch? ·

Is that the 36mm 124270? The small clasp and big bracelet taper seem like they would make it super comfortable.

hurryupandwait commented on What is your most COMFORTABLE watch? ·

That GS is a grail for me—either that one or the same model with the cream/ivory dial.

hurryupandwait commented on What is your most COMFORTABLE watch? ·

This looks so good. Is that the factory strap?

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Favorite strap materials?

Interested in what straps y’all prefer! I always enjoy leather, but prefer the water resistance of rubber or sailcloth. I know different materials can be used for different styles (e.g., there both le...
123 votes ·

What is your most COMFORTABLE watch?

For me, much of what dictates whether I enjoy wearing a watch is the comfort. As much as I love big, heavy, rugged dive watches, I find that there’s a...

Best warm-weather vacation watch?

I’ll soon be taking a trip to Central America and plan on bringing only one watch. Activities will likely include swimming (both on beaches and snorke...

How scratched up do your watches get?

I’ll be the first to admit (and you can probably tell) that I don’t baby my watches. I don’t treat them delicately and don’t go out of my way to make...

Who needs a Calatrava? 😉

Absolutely love my Bambino 38mm!

Full NATO or one-piece “Zulu”?

I have two grey seatbelt nylon NATO straps, but modded one of them to turn it into a single-pass through “Zulu” strap. I think they’re both great, but for some reason the full NATO setup always seems...