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Honest opinions from honest watch people

Dear crunch colleagues, I have been eyeing up this watch for quite some time. It鈥檚 American and as such not available to look at/try on readily in the...
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Pink Is My New Obsession - Monta Noble (#1WC)

I have painstakingly made a point to NOT look at anyone else's entries into today's #1WC post so as to not be influenced by other people in describing...
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Where do dials rank when you are looking to purchase a watch?

When I am looking to purchase my next watch I have 5 things the watch has to have before I make the purchase. Not in any particular order: Dial Case S...
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Major news from Sellita! (At least, I think it's major!)

It's easy to miss the news section on WC, but anyone interested in non-Swatch Group Swiss autos should read this...
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Micro Tournament Sweet Sixteen Day 1: Formex Vs. Monta

It is the sweet sixteen, you know the rules by now. Good luck to both brands.
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Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 2: Monta Vs. So Labs

Rules: 鈥 Voting is based on the overall brand, not the individual model or sample photo. 鈥 There are no rules on how you should choose, but you are welcome to civilly debate quality, value, heritage,...
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My New Monta Skyquest

New watch alert! Introducing one of my most anticipated additions to the collection. I have been considering a Monta Skyquest for a few years so when...
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Awesome everyday watch review - Monta Noble

I hope this review helps out anyone looking for a great multi- purpose watch. I was not looking for a dress watch, but something that could dress up i...

Monta Noble

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SOTC: Microbrand edition

Ginault Ocean Rover, ref 181175LSILN Monta Triumph Christopher Ward C63 Sealander 36mm (aka the C36) Smiths Everest
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Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Monta Vs. Serica

It is round two, you know the rules by now. Good luck to both brands.
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