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Matt84 ·

New Limited Edition Swedish Pilot

My second ever pilot watch and first automatic one. This DLC coated (had to look up what that meant), limited edition from Malm watches in Linköping b...
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Matt84 ·

What’s everyone’s opinion on power reserve indicators?

I’m a fan if power reserve indicators. This might be helped by the fact that I like a busy dial that shows quite a lot, but I find them quite useful. I know that one of the issues Grand Seiko enthusia...
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Matt84 ·

New Watch Alert. First moonphase complication

Got my first moonphase watch today. The Echo/Neutra Big Moon Field Watch. The name’s a bit of a mouthfull but the watch is great.
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Matt84 commented on SOTC ·

Not on facebook but I’m glad they seem to be doi well. 

Matt84 commented on SOTC ·

I use watchee PRO as well and find i very useful. A couple of crunchers we’re talking about making a new app to organise watch collections. 

Matt84 commented on Still the GOAT 🐐 ·

First time I came across Seiko was in  2000, when I thought I’d got a Seiko Kinetic @Unholy did a post asking about things we’ve learned about watches. Since then I haven’t got a Seiko until this year, still not had a mechanical one. 
My first mechanical watch is this Certina 


Which I still have. 

Matt84 commented on TGIF! Friday night piece 😎👍🔥 ·

It is a gorgeous watch. Unfortunately big watches just don’t work on my wrist. I had the Marine Star, not as nice as yours in my opinion but still a fantastic looking watch but just too big for me. 
I’ll just have to hold of and see if they make a smaller one. 

Great find though. Well done. 👍

Matt84 commented on TGIF! Friday night piece 😎👍🔥 ·

That looks great. I think Bulova always make nice looking watches but I find them just too big. How’s this one?

Matt84 commented on Field Style Watch? ·

I really like the pointer date complication on that Oris but if you can afford that I’d go with this Farer. 


More reasonably priced. Comes with extra straps 200m wr instead of the 50m on the Oris. 
Just my 2 cents but all those watches are great. 

Matt84 commented on Great watches stuck in the “friend zone” ·

For me it’s the Zelos Swordfish 40mm Ti. 


I’m a titanium fanboy, love dive watches and I think this looks really cool. But I always end up going for something else. 

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Matt84 ·

Okay what’s wrong with Zelos

I’ve been avoiding Zelos because their prices seem too good, and my attitude has always been that if something seems too good to be true it probably i...
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Matt84 ·

New blackout look for Seiko Saturday

Got the Limited Edition Seiko Prospex The Black in the mail today. Think it’s quite a nice solar powered watch as always with Seiko the bracelet feels...
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Matt84 ·

New Watch Alert

I’ve been really looking forward to this watch since Tom from @Clemence_Watches kindly showed me it in Edinburgh this Summer. And I couldn’t be happie...
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Matt84 ·

As useful as they are smart watches just aren’t for me.

I was just watching the latest video from Adrian Barker was showing of his three watch collection which included the Apple Ultra and while Adrian is a...
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Matt84 ·

Wise Thailand AD9M Review

Unfortunately this is not a watch for me. This proves a rule I say a lot but have often not followed, try before you buy. However, I was blinded by th...

Wise AD9M 41

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Matt84 ·

An alternative to the GM-b2100

Like many I was excited about the news of a bluetooth enabled tough solar Casioak but was not about pay in excess if €600 for one. My original plan wa...
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Matt84 ·

How important is a display caseback for you when buying a mechanical watch?

The watch pictured is the Photic Diver from Clemence Watches (photo from their website mine is hopefully coming in November). The caseback is one of the things that sold the watch to me. I know the ar...
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