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Matt84 ·

New Dissing watch

Bee interested in this brand and thought I’d check it out.
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Matt84 ·

Orient Kamasu/RA-AA0813R19B Review

This is my first diver, but if other divers are anywhere near this good consider me a convert🤩. Jokes aside this watch looks fantastic. From the magen...
3 228
Matt84 ·

Beach straps

Got two rubber straps for the two watches that I’m likely to take to the beach but don’t yet have good straps for that. Now we just need the beach wea...
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Matt84 commented on Your favorite and or best wrist shot / action shot / watch photography ·

I’m also not so great with the action shots 

Missed them!


Hey where’s the other one?


That’ll do. 

Matt84 commented on New Dissing watch ·

Well done👏👏

Matt84 commented on What is a popular brand/watch/category/feature you dislike ILLOGICALLY? ·

For me I really dislike jewels on watches. Whenever I’ve seen it it just looks gaudy. 

Matt84 commented on Kids and Watches ·

I was just looking at my watches with my son to try and get a feel for if he was drawn to a particular colour, shape or function and the one he fixated on was my mechanical manual pocket watch. I thought that was quite funny. Not the modern g-shock or Casio with a back light stop watch and timer but my most retro watch that you have to wind manually every day. 😄

Matt84 commented on Kids and Watches ·

That sounds good. My boy is really into heroes called the pj masks the hope is that having a watch with his favourite hero will increase the appreciation for learning the time. We’ll look at nicer watches later. 

Matt84 commented on Kids and Watches ·

Not sure to be honest I didn’t grow up here. Either way I think being able to tell the time in school is essential and as he’s showing an interest it seems like the perfect time. 

Matt84 commented on Citizen CA0700-86L Review ·

Glad to hear it. It’s really a fantastic watch, good luck in your search. 

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Matt84 ·

Citizen CA0700-86L Review

I should probably preface this review by saying that I'm a bit of a titanium fanboy and have been wanting a titanium watch for some time, and so was p...
2 229
Matt84 ·

Think I’m done for a while.

I’m not saying that I won’t buy anymore watches, I’m not even saying that I won’t buy a new watch next month if I spot a nice piece, I have a problem...
14 418
Matt84 ·

New Orient Kamasu/First dive watch

Finally got my first dive watch thank you @Timearch90 for first putting me on to this one. I really like the look of it and in keeping with my effort...
16 273
Matt84 ·

Does the Swiss made tag still mean a lot?

The two watches pictured are the only Swiss watches that I own, and it would not surprise me if the Swatch was mostly made outside of Switzerland. The...
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Matt84 ·

First Titanium watch

First Titanium watch came in the post today the Citizen Promaster Super Titanium Ecodrive. Love the watch and it feels great and the box is fun to.
6 152
Matt84 ·

Certina 125th Anniversary DS 80 Powermatic Review

I’m relatively new to the watch enthusiast world but know that there are some who would consider a 40mm case with 44mm lug to lug large for a dress wa...
2 376
Matt84 ·

Casio G- Shock G-Steel Review

This is the first G-Shock that I’ve ever owned. I’ve had different Casio watches since I was a kid but I always considered G-Shock as something very t...
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