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Last watch of the year

Hadn’t heard of this brand until I saw a review by @watchchris of another gmt from their brand and when I went to their site this caught my eye. I tho...

Baltic fixed the one complaint I had with this

Like a lot of people who bought the bronze Baltic Acquascaphe I really liked the watch but had an issue and that was the stock strap came with a reall...

New Chronograph Dive Style Watch

I am a huge fan of dive watches and have been looking for the right chronograph diver, to match my favourite complication with my favourite watch styl...

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Matt84 commented on I got a new hat😆 ·

No but I do have one unusual cap.

Matt84 commented on What was your first “luxury” watch purchase? ·

Mine was my Raymond Weil Freelancer GMT Worldtimer.


Love that Zodiac by the way👍.

Matt84 commented on 3 Watch Collection ·

Very nice if I was to go with a gmt, chronograph and smart diver from my collection I’d go with these:

Matt84 commented on Best European GADA under 2000 euro? ·

For value for money I’d look towards the smaller independent brands. In Europe of the top of my head I’d look at Formex and Ollech & Wajs in Switzerland, Echo Neutra in Italy, Tusenö and Maen in Sweden and Christopher Ward and Farer in the UK, though there might be import costs if you’re in the EU from those last few. I’ve had watches from all of them other than Maen, all do good quality use mostly Sellita movements so easily serviceable and have plenty of what I’d consider GADA watches.

Matt84 commented on Watches & knives ·

Here’s a few of my combos.

Matt84 commented on Would you wear this? ·

I love it but I’d never wear it, just not brave enough. But it looks amazing 🤩.

Matt84 commented on Jubilee strap for the Seiko Speedtimer ·

To be honest it doesn’t really bother me so I haven’t checked.

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Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 8

I don’t have a grail watch, however I do have a couple of grail brands and Tag is definitely one of them. I hadn’t thought of getting one for a while...

Second New Watch in 1 Day

I wasn’t really looking to get another new watch considering I was already getting another three new watches in the span of two weeks. But I just coul...

First Gold Plated Watch

As someone who likes the look of a lot of vintage pieces, but does not like the idea of the potential issues that can come from buying an old watch I...

Great start to the weekend

Like most people I first become aware of Studio Underdog with the Watermelon, which I thought looked great, but wasn’t really for me. This though is p...

Another British diver

I just can’t help myself. Saw that Christopher Ward had these back in stock and I just had to pick one up. Telling the wife that this is a really earl...