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bboybatac ·

Traska Venturer GMT In Hand After Dall-aska Melts

The alignment of GMT hand isn’t spot on, and the rotor is quite loud. Nevertheless, fantastic price for a traveler’s GMT complication in a tight packa...
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esbjorn ·

Traska Venturer GMT

There still somehow stock available in all colours of a very competitively priced GMT with the new Miyota traveller GMT movement. No affiliation with...

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Donster_125 ·

Traska GADA Watch

So for those of you who saw and posted (thank you again), I made a post regarding my search for a GADA watch after I failed in obtaining a Smiths Everest. I cam across Traska thanks to some suggestion...
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seihyun ·

Microbrands: Traska

Being a newbie into the watch world, I've recently been reading and watching youtube videos about microbrands. One that I was happy to stumble upon wa...
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TheDangerZone ·

Traska Venturer GMT release today

Anyone else jumping on this? One of the first watches to use the new Miyota Flyer GMT, essentially the most accessible flyer GMT movement out there fr...
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matteo.cavallin ·

Seiko Alpinist SPB243 vs. Traska Summiteer 38 - Need Opinions!

So I've been looking for an "Explorer" type watch for a while, with a budget of about $750 USD, and have been stuck between these two watches; Seiko Alpinist SPB243 and the Traska Summiteer 38. The go...
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gregarewolf ·

Recommendations on 200m, white-dial watches

Hey, Gang. I'm looking for a watch and could use your help. This would be my boating/swimming watch with a white dial (for visibility), preferably no...
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tiberisnatator ·

Scratching the Explorer itch!

I’m a big fan of the Rolex Explorer’s look, but even though my first “serious” watch is a Steinhart OVM39 (which, as much as I love it, is a pretty sh...
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WatchoLibre ·

To Consolidate or Not?

Waddup watch peeps, happy holidays! As 2022 winds down, I'm looking to consolidate a few pieces so that I can help purchase something nice in 2023. Ra...
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JoeyShapiro ·


Here is my very microbrand heavy State of the Collection. I am hoping to save up these next few years to buy my first Luxury piece by the time my 40th...
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