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Are you paying attention to the 1WC?

Remember that I said that there would be random rule changes and/or additions? You don't, okay never mind. Here is the first rule addition. Every Thur...
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Tornek Rayville TR-900 at Sotheby's in June

A Tornek Rayville is up for auction at Sotheby's in June. The interesting thing is that it was issued to a US Navy EOD in 1988. I would have thought t...
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Wild in the Vintage Aisles!

While shopping for the Lassale I also came across this recently serviced " TV Dial Baby Monaco" the original strap is unfortunately too small for me,...
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I've gone retro chic! its because im old 馃槏

Decided I was missing a tank dress watch in the collection found this nice little number on the bay, March 1984 Lassale with original box. A little pa...
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馃敶鈿笍 Big news for AC Milan fans

We just revealed the AC Milan Family Collection, a collaboration between About Vintage and AC Milan. It's the third round of this ongoing partnership...
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Seiko "SDS001" back to life.

Too much character? What say you? I couple of years ago I was at a swap meet where I found this beaten-up, non-working, Seiko diver beauty from one of...
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BBC Antiques Roadshow - G眉belin

I just stumbled over this video and wanted to share it. It made my day. Does anyone have a G眉belin watch?
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Discussion: what鈥檚 your opinion about Tag Heuer and vintage Heuer? + comparing them to divers from omega and rolex

I鈥檒l try to make it as short as possible, last month I went on a holiday to Dubai, in one of their malls I visited a Tag Heuer boutique to see if ther...
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What is your favorite tool watch?

We want to know what kind of tool watch you're rocking the most, of the 3 complications on the pictures 馃
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Vintage Mortima Diver

I鈥檓 a big fan of Mortima watches, especially the diver models. I got this recent addition to my collection. A Mortima, 21 -jewels, SuperDatomatic XXL...
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