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How a 1962 chronograph saved the day.

The Dan Henry 1962 Racing chronograph is literally a savior. The first time it saved me was a year ago when I contemplated buying a MoonSwatch. It was...
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Progression of the Collection

State of the Collection posts are a common sight on all social media platforms with even a small watch community. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and of...
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I鈥檓 looking to get a new watch sometime this summer, but I can鈥檛 decide. I鈥檓 looking at either the Timex Q GMT(pepsi) or the Dan Henry 1962(鈥淓vil Pand...
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The whole crew in one picture

I feel like 5 watches are a good amount of watches that allow the owner to wear them in a normal rotation. I would love to have only two watches or ma...
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DH 1963

My Dan Henry 1963. Quartz movement, very cool office watch 馃槈
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Dan Henry 1975 Skin Diver

I love the look of this watch but I know nothing about Dan Henry watches. Are they good? Does anyone have personal experience with them?

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The small start of a collection

If their are people that know good brands that sell original designs under 400 bucks let me know 馃榿
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Racing Sunday.

Getting up and early has some advantages, one of them is that the light outside has an intensity and hue that makes for interesting effects and reflec...
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New here

Hi WatchCrunch! I thought I鈥檇 share my newest acquisition for my first watch shot. This is my Dan Henry 1970, and I鈥檓 chuffed to bits about it.
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Dan Henry 1962 Panda Strap Options

Hello and Happy New Year fellow crunchers. I鈥檓 looking for any ideas, even better with pics, for strap options beyond the OEM black leather strap.
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