Can’t stop wearing my Horage Autark Hv…getting better at capturing the dial color too 😀. Oh and have finally committed the “Hardness Value” of the ti...
Horage Autark Hv day2, still didn’t catch the blue dial well…I’ll keep trying.
Heading home from Dallas with my Autark Hv.
Back on the bracelet, and in CST. Cheers Crunchers! And oh….BTW got the call today!!!!!!
Just got this beautiful Horage Autark Hv by FedEx today! NWA and unboxing coming soon!
A little washed out, but you can at least see the color and brushing on the dial.

Watches in the Wild (Party in the Bay Part 1, Volume 61)

Note: A Pam346 borrowed from my brother from another mother @valleykilmers Come ye watch nerds one and all to witness the greatest horological show on...

🚨 Photo dump! 🚨 Windup Watch Fair Wonders - San Fran! 😃

Day 1 in the books! I budgeted 2 days , probably would be fine with one, but I also like taking my time. I’ll do a shorter day tomorrow and then have...
Horage superscede GMT

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