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My cheapest but I keep grabbing it

Bought an octopod strap system from Zuludiver and the gray strap looked so good with this sternglass gmt quartz. The mix of gray with red has always b...
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WatchCrunch strap

I haven鈥檛 seen any of these posted on the site yet. I鈥檇 say this is a pretty good match with my Sternglas Hamburg Neuwerk Edn. What do you think?
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Sweeping second hand

As a newbie, I hadn't previously appreciated the substantial differences between automatic movements which affect the "sweep" of the second hand. My p...
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The work watch collection

So this is my watch selection for those days where I head into London in a suit or a jacket. Seiko SZSB012 on a seventhcreation strap, Tissot PR100 (q...
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Tapferkeit watches

Came across this brand while looking for a quality Bauhaus-style watch, and a Bauhaus clock. Not a brand I can find a lot about online, from a bit of...
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I made a watch stand

I got a bit into whittling lately and decided to make a T-bar watch stand. The base is a slice of last last year鈥檚 christmas tree, the rest is from an...
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Review: Sternglas Naos (Limited Edition Kandinsky Watch)

This is a story about an artsy dude falling in love with a watch. When do we know when a watch calls out to us? What is that moment when we feel that...

Sternglas Naos Edition Bauhaus II Blue

4.6 Avg. Score
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A bit of overpricing?

So since I have no friends to talk about watches, I want to ask you guys a question. I love the style of bauhaus watches, the german simplicity gives...
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Sternglas Naos Automatik - my daily Bauhaus driver

Hey watchchrunch. I want to show you me newest piece in my collection. It's the Naos Automatik black with the black leather strap. Max did a review on...
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Sternglas Hamburg; Bauhaus on a budget

I've long wanted a Bauhaus style watch, or something heading in that direction and while the Sternglas Naos (38mm, super Bauhaus looks), has had a lot...
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