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Alternative ways of displaying a date

Date complications can sometimes be a point of contention within the watch community. Mostly because a standard date window can often be intrusive and...

Ressence Type 3

Wow, this watch is something else. Anyone here seen/experienced this watch?

Chronotriggered destroys watches... #10 - this time it鈥檚 personal

No intro - straight to business. #10. Let鈥檚 roll鈥 I鈥檝e tried to keep a level-head throughout this series. Even when I absolutely detest a watch, I鈥檝e tried to be fair. This time, off the bat, hand on...

Oil filling a Quartz watch - Casio MRW-200H-1BVES

Hello Watch Friends I鈥檝e seen a few videos on MODS for oil filling watches and wondered if anyone has done one, I鈥檓 thinking of buying a Casio it only...

Hands on with the very cool Ressence Type 1 Squared, and a shoutout to Max

It was really fun to get hands on with this watch/brand. So many new things to discover. Hope you like the content ! Thanks for watching !


To top the collection of which piece you would go with ?


Has anyone had any experience with ressence watches ? Any comment on build quality , wearing experience? Meh or cool ?

CWoW luxury #3

Tie goes to the runner? American baseball fans will get what I mean. In a shocking turn of events, the Ressence Type 3 has been split 50/50 between co...

CWoW Update

Amendments and additions: After some mild outrage, some of you Crunchers have pushed the Ressence Type 3 over the line to name it as our first Sub Zer...


Finally got to try on a type3 today.