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Recommendations on 200m, white-dial watches

Hey, Gang. I'm looking for a watch and could use your help. This would be my boating/swimming watch with a white dial (for visibility), preferably no...
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SOTC- Indy Box 2

Top: Raven- Deep Tech 1, Titanium Deep, Endeavor Prototype, Endeavor. Middle: NFW- Valor, Shumate 1, O7 Hard Titanium Ploprof, Zeno Caribbean. Lower:...
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First Raven!

Finally got around to buying a Raven Airfield! This one is a custom order that has black hands along with a red seconds hand.
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Raven Airfield Update

Raven just updated the dial of the Airfield . I think it- along with the blue Trekker - look great. What do you all think?
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Raven Sale: Hint Steve is doing smaller size watches!

Recommended, I own several Raven watches, nice quality and pro-design.
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New gold PVD watch

I really like the look of gold and two tone watches and when this was announced months ago, I pounced. Raven make really solid watches and this one is...
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Raven Trekker anyone?

Is anyone else waiting on their Raven Trekker? Which one and why did you order it? For me, it was a comment by James Stacey about how cool it be to ha...
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Orient Ray Raven

Orient Ray Raven 2
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