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Where to buy Lorier Neptune in European Union?

Guys I got interested in Baltic Aquascaphe and Lorier Neptune IV. I went to their websites and Baltic is around 2x the price of Lorier. This almost ma...

Is this a Bond watch now?

Lol! My favorite watch鈥攇oing Bond style

My companion 馃槏

Like many of us, I鈥檓 a relatively low-budget collector. I鈥檝e never spent more than $1,000 on a watch. Although I certainly have goals to own 鈥渓uxury鈥...

Monster Thread Badge

Hey everyone, just thought I'd throw this out there a give it a try lol. Can I get 250 comments to get this badge? 馃槄 Tell me about anything; your coll...

Which one would YOU get?

I've run into the itch again, it's been since May, since I pulled the trigger on something. And both of these pieces have been living in my head rent-free. Now an additional kink in the cog, I've been...

Show off your white dials 馃憤

I don't have a lot of white dials, so I made that the focus of this video. Hard to be perfect at the price, but these watches are delicious with their...

Better 1st GADA?

Hey! Looking for my first 鈥渟erious鈥 everyday watch. Know the above are very different from each other. But wanting something all-purpose, accurate and...

Lorier re-stocking?

Almost everything on Lorier's website is sold out. Does anyone have any idea about when they'll re-stock?

Lorier Falcon

Do you like to have Microbrand watches under you collection?

Help me find my weekend watch to complete my 3 watch collection.

Hi everyone! I'm currently the owner of a Serica 4512 and it has been (basically) the only watch in my wrist since November 2021. I've decided to comp...