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New Serica GMT colourway announced

Serica just announced their "desert red" GMT. I like it and, although I think the original black/white version is better, I like to see them playing w...

Gills anyone?

What do you think of these 'gills' on the new Serica. I think they are fairly cool and will start being used by others. Pics from Fratello - read up o...

GMT Treat :) - Serica 8315 GMT Vs. CW C65 Aquitaine GMT

Getting a bonus next month and I’ve been eager to get a GMT as the dual time zone is my fav watch technology. What do you guys think between these two...

Just ordered my first "luxury" watch...

I have been wearing watches my whole life, mostly Timex, Casios, and all that. But the past 2 years I have been wearing a Marathon General Purpose qua...

Made in France

I was wearing one of my French Made Depancel watches earlier today, but an earlier than expected delivery meant another French watch has made its way...

Commando 4512

Tough and good looking will always have a place in my collection

Keepers acquired in 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, I thought I’d summarize the watches I’ve acquired this year. Even with two months left I don’t anticipate buying more until...

Strap season 🍂

Trying out some new straps that arrived today from Watch Gecko. Single pass NATO on the Serica 4512 California and a hand stitched brown leather on th...

Windup NYC 2023

Just spent the afternoon at Windup Watch Fair in NYC. The event was loads of fun with a great vibe. The Serica 6190 and Fears 1930 stole the show for...

Help me find my weekend watch to complete my 3 watch collection.

Hi everyone! I'm currently the owner of a Serica 4512 and it has been (basically) the only watch in my wrist since November 2021. I've decided to comp...