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ChronoGuy microbrand or soulless hustlers? What's your POV?

So...having watched all the good YT watch content, I turned to "About Effing Time" because I was bored and did not want to go to sleep. It truly is a...
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Undone Base Camp at grandstand with an Audi displaying. Special number plate
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Already loving this community!

Hello fellow watch enthusiasts! I am thrilled to be a part of this watch community, which I discovered through YouTube yesterday. As a lover of watche...
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Are "Undone" Watches good?

Hi Chrunchers, when scrolled trough the internet looking for some watches (what else lol), I saw this website called "Undone Watches". The special thi...
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Weems Homages

Wearing my Undone Aero today and wondering about other Weems homages. The only one I can think of was a Longines from several years ago. Any others ou...
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D铆a de los Muertos - are you ready to celebrate...

D铆a de los Muertos is a fascinating cultural event taking place from November 1st to November 2nd. It originated in Mexico and is familiar to those li...
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Micro Brands-I have a few.

At one time I wasn't a fan until I bought one, er.... two, I mean..... well you all know how it is. Zoretto was my first I believe, about 4 years ago....
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Terrible UNDONE Survey

Did anyone get an UNDONE survey by email, earlier today? I just tried to fill it in... first question, do you own an UNDONE watch. My answer, no. Seco...
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UNDONE Batman Dark Knight Retrospective Automatic Limited Edition

My favorite from the Batman series from Undone. I was not expecting much, but the watch is fantastic, so many details on the dial and very well execut...
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Undone Popeye Arabian Knight. Lapis Lazuli Dial Arabic numerals.

Outdoor Shot in sunlight Indoor Shot in diffused sunlight. This is my latest addition to the collection. Undone Popeye Arabian Knights with Lapiz Lazu...
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