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Budget vintage & vintage style dive watches

I've noticed recently that I'm lacking a certain type of watch in my collection, one that can really appeal to me. A dive watch. I have chronographs a...
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I can鈥檛 decide. But can you ?

Reviewed the Baltic mr01 colours on YT hoping to guide people looking into These but I can鈥檛 make up my own mind 馃槀
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Baltic MR01

Couldn鈥檛 resist ordering one of these with their rerelease on 1 June. I have their Aquascaphe and a Bicompax (for Revolution) and this will keep my wa...
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Vintage-inspired bracelets for vintage-inspired (or just timeless) watches

I recently picked up a Forstner 9-row beads of rice bracelet for my Grand Seiko SBGM221, and also put my Baltic MR01 on a Joseph Bonnie bonklip I had...
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What's your thoughts on BALTIC ?

After listening to viewers suggestions to get a Baltic on the channel, I must say I was not expecting the quality finish as well as the attention to d...
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Baltic MR01 Arrived

Just wanted to share some thoughts about my latest acquisition 馃檪 Way back in October I went to the Windup Watch Fair NYC, and wrote about some of my f...
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Memorial Day Weekend at the beach

I brought three watches along on my family's Memorial Day weekend beach getaway: a Baltic Aquascaphe , a Direnzo DRZ 04 , and a yellow CasiOak . I was...
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How do you like your MR01?

My wife and I are having our first child. A daughter to be more specific 馃槉 what better way to celebrate than with a watch right?! 馃槈 And with the next release of the Baltic MR01, I can鈥檛 help but consi...
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Help Me Pick My Next Watch

I don鈥檛 have a ton of money to spend, so I鈥檝e whittled it down to these four. I鈥檇 love to hear your thoughts.
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Which of these should be my next watch?

I鈥檝e been looking to scratch an itch I have to add to my collection. Both do these pieces are in that $600~ range. The choices are: Baltic Aquascaphe Blue Gilt Tissot PRX Tiffany Blue Automatic I thin...
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