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The SEIKO route or the micro brand route ?

As Christmas is approaching, I am questioning myself on which watch should I get next? Being a big fan of Seiko I have wanted to buy an alpinist for a long time. I have also recently found an interest...
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Brew is releasing a new auto.

I need this watch in my life lol

Brew watch co. Retrograph -Expresso

This dial is soooo attractive! I nearly purchased this right away. I love this expresso sunburst dial! The rosegold pvd plated 316L is ok with me too...

Collection Ideas- 4 Watches, 2k Budget

I was thinking about a scenario if a young enthusiast me asked current day me, "what's a solid collection on a budget?" How would I respond? So I came...

E-Bike Crash!!!

So I crashed my e-bike on the way home from the… let’s just say library the other night. 😂😂😅I was wearing my Brew Metric! I definitely slammed it o...

SOTC + New Watch Box

I’ve decided that since this little group will probably only grow from here it’s best they have a clubhouse. After lots of shopping around online, rea...

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Brew x Worn and Wound Metric Brewmetric Chrono Regulators

Will gold watches make a comeback?

Back in the 70s gold coloured watches were commonplace but seem to have pretty much disappeared in the last couple of decades. I saw the Brew Metric i...

My humble collection so far ❤️

I'm loving how this is turning out, next is a Beautiful Nomos Orion :)

Brew for my 45th

Really wish I was in NYC this weekend for y 45th birthday, but as a consolation prize I purchased myself the Brew watch & worn Metric Chrono Regul...