Chunghauphoto ·

Furlan Marri Mechanical Permanent Collection

Furlan Marri have announced the three new pieces in their permanent mechanical collection . Liking the Salmon’s dark coated indices a lot. The Grey is...
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the11060 ·

Ohhh Noooo!!! The Black Sector is coming Back!

I missed last time
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AllTheWatches ·

Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Zelos vs. Furan Marri

It is round two, you know the rules by now. Good luck to both brands.
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AllTheWatches ·

Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 2: Furlan Marri Vs. Astor & Banks

Rules: • Voting is based on the overall brand, not the individual model or sample photo. • There are no rules on how you should choose, but you are welcome to civilly debate quality, value, heritage,...
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Chunghauphoto ·

Furlan Marri Black Sector 2116-A

It’s been a bit of a wait (end of Jun 2022) but it’s finally arrived. Had to take some pics! I will feature it as part of the ‘Up Close with…’ series...
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Chunghauphoto ·

Up Close with the Furlan Marri Black Sector 2116-A

On Furlan Marri’s website they mention ‘details, no matter what’. Even though this is a simple 3-hander, there are details galore. From the Corne de V...
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watchdawg ·

Furlan Marri Black Sector ref 2116-A

My new addition. Furlan Marri Black Sector dial 2116-A mechanical automatic.
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whaley ·

New addition 3

Furlan Marri Rosso Grigio
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Universal_Lee ·

Micro brands….what are thoughts?

Personally I think they offer great design, undeniable quality and an ideal entry into watch collecting… Arken Baltic and Furlan Marri are a few of my...
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Tikkaspecial ·

End of 2022 Collection

I wanted to get a watch for my 50th right at the end of 2021 and I did a lot of research before deciding that my ONE watch was going to be an Omega SM...
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Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT in Steel Case

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sfwatchlover ·

De Bethune DB27 V2 with Salmon dial. Often considered the entry level model in the current De Bethune lineup, but it is an excellent timepiece with futuristic design. What do you think?

1 422
sfwatchlover ·

The De Bethune DB27 is very comfortable to wear with the floating lugs and the crown at 12 o'clock. Love the blue hands and the salmon dial.

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Deep Blue NATO Diver Review

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Undone Urban Tropical Caribbean Review

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Used Prices of Microbrands

I am a big fan of microbrand watches, and love to collect them but when it comes to making space in the watch box it's a whole other story. The used p...
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doitforthedial ·

Homage watches vs Mirco Brands - Which Do You Prefer?

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watchsymmetry ·

Oak & Oscar Humboldt reflections

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