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laurik ·

Vintage nightmare

Couple of months ago I posted about an Omega that I bought for my father in law from Ebay. I had heard that vintage watches are a minefield and this O...
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laurik ·

Three Amigos

After I started collecting watches my father in law told me that he had an automatic Omega years ago. Some time ago he said that if came across an aut...
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laurik ·

I really hoped I was cured

In february I bought my Hamilton Cooper and Traska Commuter and got my Speedy serviced. It was an expensive month but I really felt that there was no...
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laurik commented on What was your first “big boy” purchase? I’d love to know & see some photos! 😁 ·

For my 35th birthday I wanted a watch that can stand the test of time so I bought this old Bond watch.

laurik commented on Whats Your Field Watch? ·
laurik commented on Got hands on with a few watches last week. ·

Does anyone know why there are so few full bronze pastel divers sixty-fives around? Asked a green dialed one from an AD about a year ago but haven't heard back.

laurik commented on What Is The Highest Ticks Per Second Number You've Seen In A Watch? ·

Just learned about this insane watch with a beat rate of 7,200,000 per hour. TAG Heuer Mikrogirder 2000.

laurik commented on Any opinions on SUF watches? ·

I have been thinking buying one because they are from Finland but the price keeps me away for now. 

laurik commented on Vintage nightmare ·

I went to see the watchmaker today and he told me that he can't fix the watch with the current parts and he needs to order a new dial from Omega. It will take some time but it doesn't matter.

I decided to buy the better watch from the watchmaker and gave it to my father in law. It looks really nice, with fresh service and an original receipt from 67. At least my father in now has a good watch and the bad watch will be taken care of.

laurik commented on Oris Big Crown Pointer Date ·

I think it is bronze.

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laurik ·

Going macro

I'm always taking pictures with my phone but now I pulled the proper camera out.
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laurik ·

Testing different look for the commuter

Took the bracelet off and stole the leather from my speedy. Looks more formal.
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laurik ·

Two weeks with the Commuter

I have been living with my newest watch for two weeks. I was a little hesitant with the size (36.5mm) because usually I wear 40-43mm but it wears grea...
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