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Original Bond is Back!

60th Anniversary Seamaster Diver 300M in stainless steel, with an exclusive animated caseback. Wonder how much it will cost.
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The Murph is now smaller

Hamilton just unveiled the smaller Murph. Does this fix the biggest problem with the original release?
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Still a sucker for movie watches

A few weeks ago I was watching Michael Bay directed movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and I noticed that John Krasinskis character is we...
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laurik commented on How much variety of watch sizes are there in your collection? ·

Mine go from vintage Omega that is 34-35mm to G-Shock that is 52mm.

laurik commented on Changing Watches ·

Usually I have at least 3 different watches on my wrist during the day.

laurik commented on Original Bond is Back! ·

I didn’t even remember we have news section here. 

laurik commented on The Murph is now smaller ·

870 chf. 

laurik commented on The Murph is now smaller ·

Now Swatch Group just needs to start selling Hamiltons in Finland.

laurik commented on Drop your 3 watch collection.. For inspirational purposes only 😃 ·

Older Omegas. 

laurik commented on Sailcloth Strap FTW ·

Artem is great but expensive. I have had two Bartons and one of them started fraying in a week, the other is holding on a little bit better. 

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laurik ·

Vintage nightmare is back!

I bought this for my father in law because he had owned an automatic Seamaster sometime in the past. This piece turned out to be a really bad frankenw...
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laurik ·

Sweet spot

The watches in the picture are Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date, Traska Commuter and Seiko SPB051 and they currently sit in my watch sweet spot....
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laurik ·

Vintage nightmare

Couple of months ago I posted about an Omega that I bought for my father in law from Ebay. I had heard that vintage watches are a minefield and this O...
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laurik ·

Three Amigos

After I started collecting watches my father in law told me that he had an automatic Omega years ago. Some time ago he said that if came across an aut...
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laurik ·

I really hoped I was cured

In february I bought my Hamilton Cooper and Traska Commuter and got my Speedy serviced. It was an expensive month but I really felt that there was no...
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Going macro

I'm always taking pictures with my phone but now I pulled the proper camera out.
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Testing different look for the commuter

Took the bracelet off and stole the leather from my speedy. Looks more formal.
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