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2023 WatchCrunch Micro Tournament Recap - Congratulations To Formex

16 days. 64 Brands. One winner. Congratulations to Formex (forme + extreme). Since we first started the Micro Tournament, I stated that the goal of th...
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Micro Tournament Finals: Formex Vs. AnOrdain

64 started and 2 survive. Which of these awesome brands will be the 2023 WC Microtournament Champion?
63 827

Micro Tournament Final Four: Baltic Vs. Formex

Only one can make it to the finals. Choose wisely.
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Help choosing a watch

I've sold several watches to find a new purchase but I'm really torn between these two. First the Formex Essence 43. I've had my eye on it before out...
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Winner of 2023

Jumped on Formex鈥檚 website this morning & saw this posted on their homepage. If you ever wondered if the people involved with brands read posts, w...
17 484

Micro Tournament Sweet Sixteen Day 1: Formex Vs. Monta

It is the sweet sixteen, you know the rules by now. Good luck to both brands.
28 515

Rado, Longines, or Oris?

Which of these brands in the $2000 or under? I鈥檓 trying to make up my mind and keep going back and forth. Also, someone threw Formex into the mix.
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Building A Watch Collection

So far it鈥檚 2 Timex Marlins (re-imagined), 1 Straum Opphav, a Formex Essence Gamaret and my beat up old Casio Waveceptor (from 25 years ago). I鈥檝e got...
28 164

Micro Tournament Elite 8: Studio Underd0g Vs. Formex

The rules are known. Choose carefully, the winner goes onto the final four.
11 316

Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Formex Vs. Squale

It is round two, you know the rules by now. Good luck to both brands.
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