Droptuned83 ·

Poppy proud of her Christmas present for her Dad

This is a Christmas present but Poppy allowed me to give it a check over before she wraps it up for Christmas day. I love the way this watch wears and...
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anonwatchguy8 ·

Long Island Watch/Urban Gentry Round 2

The duo are heavily hinting to dropping a second collaboration, possibly same time next year.. The first Rangemaster sold out within hours and seemed to be pretty polarizing. TGV hinted toward a Polar...
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DigitalDivider ·

Sale on Islander GMT!

Hello, Watch Crunch! Anyone who was interested in the new Islander GMT but thought the price was a bit too high should rejoice, as Marc has put all th...
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Ridiculous Islander Rangemaster Prices on Ebay!

There are two Rangemasters listed for auction on ebay, along with some other buy it now listings, and the bidding is at $600 for one and $610 for the...
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DigitalDivider ·

New Urban Gentry Islander Collaboration!

It is finally available! The new Rangemaster from TGV of Urban Gentry and Marc at Long Island Watch! I just ordered mine! Couldn't miss this one! Here...
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Droptuned83 ·

I want to buy a watch for my Dad Black dial or Cream?

Please can you the good people of the Watch Crunch give me some help in making a gift purchase decision. My Dad will be 83 next June and I would like to buy him an GADA watch , ordinarily I would just...
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TheSharperTheBetter ·

TheSharperTheBetter Islander Penn ISL-171 Review

Here is my first attempt at a review. This design is Marvin Menke’s, the owner and founder of Hemel Watches, on Long Island, New York. The manufacture...

Long Island Watch/Islander Watches ISL-171

4.4 Avg. Score
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DigitalDivider ·

OK, I'm Curious. The Rangemaster. Let's Find Out.

I am just really curious to find out the aggregate sentiment towards this watch. Just for fun and my morbid curiosity. 😂 Do you like the new Rangemaster, hate it, or are indifferent towards it?
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Freeway101 ·

Love my islander

I wanted a Seiko samarai, I came across the Islander looking samurai and fell in love. I also have the Batman SKS inspired islander. Absolutely love t...
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NCExpat ·

New Islander Explorer/Ranger alternative

Good morning Crunchers! When I got up and checked my YouTube feed this morning, I discovered this video from TGV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFFO...
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