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Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 7: Kurono Tokyo Vs. Code41

Rules: • Voting is based on the overall brand, not the individual model or sample photo. • There are no rules on how you should choose, but you are welcome to civilly debate quality, value, heritage,...
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mstinywrist ·

Got the new Kurono! 🙌💙Fiancé was less impressed🤣

I was so excited to have gotten one of the new Kurono release (my ideal one too!). I'll share a picture when I get the watch, but here's how my convo...
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SNWatchNerd ·

Gone in under 4 minutes

Two of the new 34mm Kuronos (the midnight and persimmon) sold out under 4 minutes (with the midnight going in about 3). As of the writing of this post...
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watchdawg ·

HIROSHIGE strap on Kurono Tokyo Calendrier Type 1

Kurono Tokyo Calendrier Type 1 in a Hiroshige Scar Tsugi strap. The default strap was a black leather, although I feel that the (moss green) dial does...
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curtaincall ·

Unexpected Consequences?

When you think about harming your watch, we all probably think about the same mishaps: dropping it, bumping into things, the never-ending conversation...
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sfwatchlover ·

Kurono Tokyo Calendrier "Type 1", A 2022 GPHG "Challenge" Finalist

I received this watch recently and I like it very much. I could not wait to share my review with you. Have a good day!

Kurono Tokyo Calendrier "Type 1", A 2022 GPHG "Challenge" Finalist
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thiago ·

[Kurono Tokyo] - Talk me out of this beauty

It looks like I have to wait a little longer to get my Grand Seiko SBGX263.... More info here:
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New Kurono - 34MM Drops Thursday, Is It For You?

I have to say these look pretty sharp. To have a watch by Hajime Asaoka for $1080 remains a great value. I find the previous Kurono release just the r...
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watchdawg ·

Kurono Tokyo: Calendrier Type 'I'

Just arrived by DHL, Hajime Asaoka, Calendrier Type 'I'. It's a beautiful watch! The other annual calendar I have is a Zenith El-primero Chronometer T...
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lwtmay ·

First Post!

Hi there! For my debut post I choose this wrist shot of my recent favourite watch - Hajime sensei's Kurono Chronograph II. My fondness for this watch...
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