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Melbourne Watch Company

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AllTheWatches ยท

Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 5: Jack Mason Vs. Melbourne Watch Company

Rules: โ€ข Voting is based on the overall brand, not the individual model or sample photo. โ€ข There are no rules on how you should choose, but you are welcome to civilly debate quality, value, heritage,...
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AllTheWatches ยท

Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 3: Vario Vs. Melbourne Watch Company

It is round two, you know the rules by now. Good luck to both brands.
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Milesy ยท

Melbourne Watch Company

As I live in Melbourne and new to watch collecting. I thought it only right I support my local watch company. I purchased a Lonsdale a couple of month...

Lonsdale Auto White (Bracelet)
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