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Any recent experience with Yema?

Hi all, First post here! Hi! I have been thinking about getting this watch as I find it beautiful and cool. However, I have heard a lot about Yema's n...

Made in France

I was wearing one of my French Made Depancel watches earlier today, but an earlier than expected delivery meant another French watch has made its way...

Gar莽on, one cream dial please, and hold the bezel

When I purchased the Wristmaster from Yema it was mostly because of the cream dial with its peculiar peg like indices. Together with the longhand scri...

YEMA NAVYGRAF FSM - what's your opinion?

Hi Watch-addicts 馃憢馃徏, what's your opinion on the YEMA NAVYGRAF FSM? Does anyone of you own the watch? Since the case design is absolutely flat, I wonde...

Watch accuracy changed - for the better

I've had the Yema Kickstarter GMT bronze since release. It went back to the factory twice due to extreme variance in accuracy. Since second return it...

Which looks best?

If we ignore everything and just look at their visuals, which is your favorite?

YEMA - news on its move to going fully in-house

YEMA has updated customers on its moves to go totally in-house, with a caliber it calls 'Manufacture'. Was a bit of a weird word to choose; it never s...

To Grail or not to Grail?

Hey! Which would you do, or have done your self in the past? Should I go for something like a Longine next to dip my toe in a Luxury watch? Or should I go full save mode and get the Rolex Sub no date...

Any fellow neovintage YEMA lover around ?

Out of a whim, I bought this 1990's YEMA SUPERMAN Worldtime on eBay for a very affordable price. The watch was working, but in a poor condition after...

Catching time with the Superman

Every time I get to wear my green Yema is a great time. But it wasn't always the case. I got this bronze and steel green Superman from one of Yema's o...