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🌳 Happy Earth Day 🌳

Today we sold the last few 1954 'Earth Day' GMTs. A limited edition of 150 pieces, that has only been for sale each year on earth day. For every watch...

✈️ πŸ—ΊοΈ Update on our watch travelling the world

As some of you might've seen we've sent one of our watches on a journey around the world. Thanks to @benandwatch for getting the community together an...

πŸ—ΊοΈ πŸ’« One of our watches is going around the world

We will keep you updated on its journey. Thanks to all participants for making this happen!



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commented on A round up for Skyler’s news feed! Β·

You've got a lot going on. Great projects Ben!

commented on Barkovitch's WRUW Β·

Thanks for sharing this! We would say that the bezel is green - and we picked that sample on purpose for this journey, as a nod to the WatchCrunch community (because it kind of looks like the logo). Anyway, blue or green - we're just excited to see this watch travel with you guys!

commented on πŸ—ΊοΈ πŸ’« One of our watches is going around the world Β·

We can't wait to see all the photos and read your stories πŸ˜ƒ

commented on Call_me_V's WRUW Β·

@PoorMansRolex @Call_me_V Thanks for sharing a cool photo and showing interest in the origin of our logo. It's our take on an eternity symbol, that of course says something about time in itself, but also connects to our mission to remembering life's greatest moments - that's why we say: Make moments, give it history - Let it become vintage.

I hope that gives some perspective to the logo 😊

commented on Thoughts on this? Β·

Thanks! We didn't put the name on the watch, it's just a nickname so you don't have to look at it everyday πŸ˜€

commented on Check out this modern vintage feel dive watch that I got this week. Β·

That's good to hear! I hope you'll have great use of your 1956 Marine and experience memorable moments with it βš“οΈ

commented on Awidiarto's WRUW Β·

We did a couple of releases with Milan, but the partnership is over for now. Regarding coming collaborations we can not say more at this time. We have a large collection of both GMTs and chronographs. Have you had a chance to look at those?

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Thoughts on this?

Upcoming limited release. Our 1964 Horizon Automatic with a bold Timothy blue dial (get it?). Only 100 pieces worldwide with a limited number released...

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