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Friday lume

Islander X Hemel Hawkeye

Evening lume…

Baltic Aquascaphe

New Watch Alert

Spinnaker Croft Midsize in “Ocean Turquoise” number 99 of 200. This is the first limited edition anything that I have ordered. The design and story of...

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commented on I've got one of the new on the fly clasps from Proxima for my PX1697 ·

Ah, thank you!

commented on I've got one of the new on the fly clasps from Proxima for my PX1697 ·

Looking forward to the video! That is very similar to the quick microadjust clasp on Henry Archer watches. Love to be able to add them to others.

commented on Smaller watch on bigger wrists vs bigger watch on smaller wrists. ·

It’s all subjective depending what watch one is wearing.

commented on What is your favorite and go to strap type? ·

I usually prefer the bracelet but some watches lend themselves to switching things up. My Baltic Aquascaphe especially looks great on a NATO, sailcloth or tropic strap.

commented on ***NWA*** So excited for this one! ·

Quite the beauty!

commented on How do you pronounce “Milanese”? ·

A for me. Just how I’ve afraid said it.

commented on What’s on your other wrist? ·

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A lovely SF afternoon walk.

Islander X Hemel Hawkeye

A fun non-scientific time test on my watches.

Just for fun I kept track of the timekeeping accuracy of my top 6 automatic watches over a period of 7 days. The results are interesting. I wore each...

Closeup of the Henry Archer Kvantum.

Danish design with a silvery-white satin finish on the dial. Simple and unique.

Do you match your watch to what you are wearing?

162 votes ·

What do you usually prefer most?

I like different straps but mostly wear my watches on bracelets.
133 votes ·

Out and about!

Salesforce Park in SF.