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Podcast VOD

Hey all! Just wanted to drop a link to the VOD for the liveshow that @realidealgear and I did on YouTube yesterday.

Defective Seiko Arnie Update #3

So, I made a post two days back about my defective Seiko SNJ025 Arnie. I bought it from an AD in April, but it was defective out of the box. I reached...

Seiko, Get Your Sh*t Together.

After about 3 and a half weeks with Seiko's warranty department, I got my Arnie back today. After wearing it while enjoying some breakfast outdoors wi...

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commented on PaulWhaley's WRUW ·

Well, I can’t spoil it quite yet! I’ll text you the details.

commented on Cocktails & Watches (episode 8 - cocktail edition) ·

That sounds like a delightful drink! I do love me some gin though!

I’d love to meetup when y’all come out here! Keep me posted so we can make plans!

commented on Cocktails & Watches (episode 8 - cocktail edition) ·

Doing a take on the Old Fashioned tonight! Using good Irish Whiskey, but subbed in local honey for the sugar cube. Added a little lime to give it a kick!

commented on Unconventional but practical ·

I love it! I've got he same G-Shock, and love the Scuba strap on the Nodus! Shoutout to MD too, grew up in DE, spent a lot of time in OC and Baltimore!

commented on My First Watch! Islander ISL-44 ·

Can't go wrong with an Islander Andriyko!

commented on Podcast VOD ·

Thanks Eric! It was a fun show, I'm sure you'll like it!

commented on Need Tudor black bay opinions and advice. ·

Tudor knows how to make a great watch. I've looked at quite a few models, but the biggest hang-up for me with the BB line is the lack of a date window on the non-GMT watches. As such, I'd go Pelagos if I were to buy a Tudor. Hell, I nearly bought one off of eBay this morning. Thankfully, the voice in my head (my desire to buy another Omega) told me not to 😂

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Back On the Wrist - Momentum Sea Quartz 30

Wearing the Momentum Sea Quartz 30 on the CNS orange Para strap while testing a Beretta shotgun out in the desert. I loaned this watch to @realidealge...

Hiking Photos From Yesterday

Yesterday, I went on a nice, short hike in eastern SLC. I wore my SMP300, but I had my 5610u clipped to the drag handle on my pack too. The hike up to...

NWA - Goldeneye N64 Watch!

I'm a nerd. I have a lot of nerdy things that I enjoy, but gaming has probably been my longest-term nerdery. Combined with my favorite fictional chara...

NSA (New Strap Alert)! - CNS Straps -

At the start of the month, I decided to place a big order from CNS. I had seen a lot of positivity about the brand here on WC, and thought that I'd gi...

Hiking Trip 5/22/2024

A buddy and I went on a mid-week hiking trip to a short trail here in SLC. Only about 4 miles of walking, but a very beautiful time. I wore my SMP 300...