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I bought a vintage Wittnauer. This old thing gave me new expectations.

I wrapped two joining honey brown leather bands around my wrist. On one end is a gold buckle, on the other is a decorative square with leaf-like numbe...

Mark (Islander Watches) made a killer bracelet for the Seiko SNK-809.

I just got this beautiful bead-blasted 3-link bracelet from . If you have a Seiko SNK809, you need this product. I originally bo...

Great deal? Or waste of money? 🤷‍♂️

I was browsing the Jomashop website when I came across this interesting find. I really respect or enjoy Timex for there timeless designs and attainabi...

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commented on The Baume&Mercier worn by Alain Delon in Le Samouraï. ·

Reminds me of my Baltany. Such a classy look! Good luck on your search.

commented on nick_jabroni's WRUW ·

If it don't break, don't fix.

commented on What are your “office” watches? ·

Wore mine yesterday. My Seiko Lordmatic

commented on Comic book Casios ·

I would never wear one, but this is super cool.

commented on Ball engineer III marvelight ·

This is amazing. What's the price point?!

commented on GADA daily? ·


commented on Timex x The James Brand (Holy Hell) ·

That looks awesome!

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What watch do you wear when you do "dirt"?

Dirty work, I mean. I have many watches, but when I am out gardening or doing yard work I wear my Casio square(GWM5610). Fantastic watch that can get...

The Mod Squad (My Current Mod Projects)

I have caught the bug. First, I caught the watch collecting bug. Then, the watch modification bug. Now, I'm all bugged out lol. I own 7 watches that I...

Perfect strap for the Neptune✅️

I think I'm done searching for straps for the Lorier Neptune. This is it.

My Snoopy field(mod) got new shoes!

I posted this build last week, but I just installed the new hands that I ordered. This is how it looked prior... This is the new hands on it... I thin...

Meet my newest Seiko mod (Project Roman)

I've been extremely excited to use this beautiful Seiko Presage dial I found on Ebay. The OG watch housing this dial is unfortunately out of my price...

New mod project! (Snoopy Field)

I bought this cool field watch case. I didn't have the right dial for it tho. I ordered this Seiko SNK Snoopy dial and it definitely fits the bill. Th...