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Pawn Shop Rolex

My local pawn shop manager knows I’m a watch guy and let me know yesterday they had this Rolex Datejust coming off pawn today. I went over this mornin...

Tried to get my watch in the shot……

….but I was doing 60mph and lucky to get both eagles. 😎

Playing with strap accents on the Bulova Surveyor

I posted this new pistachio green Bulova Surveyor a few days ago in NWA. I made the remark that I wanted to upgrade the strap to a Horween and then po...

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commented on Who here counts TUDOR as one of their favorite watch ?? brands? ·

I love everything in the Pelagos line. I think that’s where Tudor really shines as a class leading, innovative company.

Their other lines are really just meh for me. They do a great job of celebrating the heritage of Rolex and Tudor but I’d like to see a little more creativity in the BB and 1926 lines. They also need to slim down several of their models, some of them are obscenely thick.

My favorite Tudor.

commented on fwatch's WRUW ·

Love that green!

commented on JaeBust's WRUW ·

Love it!

commented on TheMadVlad's WRUW ·

Love Scuba Dude!

commented on watchgeek24's WRUW ·

Incredible watch!

commented on Which would you choose? ·

Gotta go with the blued hands!😎

commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch" ·

Explorer II FTW!


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New Doxa Army Today!

The big brown truck of happiness just arrived! This is the Doxa Army 785.10.031G.10 Green on the beads of rice bracelet. My initial impressions are ce...

New Bulova Surveyor

This is a watch I traded for on WatchUSeek. These came out back in January and I was intrigued with the green color way. I got a chance to trade away...

At Last Aventurine!

I have wanted an Aventurine watch for quite some time now. The Zelos and Smiths always seem to be out of stock and bring a significant premium when yo...

New Sinn U50 Today!!!

This is a watch I’ve been wanting for a while and have been back and forth on tegimented vs non-tegimented and black bezel vs stainless bezel. I final...

My new today Smiths Everest Expedition!

Been trying for quite some time to catch one of these available at their store openings. Finally got in last Sunday and got this one ordered and it go...

Couple of Casio SKXMods Projects from Today

Put these together earlier today. The AE1200WH-1A got a complete SKXMods package with a sanitized, polished stainless steel case and bracelet, while t...