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Matching Clothes to Watches Pt. 1 (alt title: two of my hobbies)

Weather's cooling down and this week was clinic week, which meant I could finally wear a jacket. Some of you may have seen these photos on WRUW but th...
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Steel colours (warmth)

I understand that photographs can be manipulated to change the warmth of the picture, but recently I have been finding my stainless steel watches to b...
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Has any famous person(s) influenced your watch purchase?

We all know James Bond wore the Submariner... or Omega. Recent movie Top Gun: Maverick featured IWC watches. Hamilton watches have been featured in nu...
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nytime commented on Week on the Wrist - A Santos de Cartier Medium in Paris

Thank you for sharing the amazing story and pictures. Cartier is my favourite watch brand and Paris has a special place in my heart. It's a shame so many bullies decided that your story was something they'd tried to step over to make themselves feel superior back over at the other place.

I really admire your patience, amost a year and a half of your Santos just within arms reach!聽

nytime commented on The Valjoux wobble.

H-21, based on Valjoux 7750, wobbles like a bobble head.

nytime commented on Are 36 millimeter too small for a watch?

The Casio's 38.8 x 29.8mm, so the surface area's around 1156mm2. 36mm watch would be around 1017mm2. There are other dimensions to be considered of course but I feel like my Casio wears perfectly for a dress watch.


The Cartier's 40mm, and in terms of fit it's great. I do feel that it's a bit large in terms of it supposing to be a dressy watch.聽


The Citizen is 45mm, but it wears well due to its relatively short lug-to-lug. It's also rather busy, so when I look at it I don't feel that it's large.


The Hamilton's 42mm but I feel that it looks huge. By no means a small watch of course, but the thin bezel with a dial that's on the cleaner side makes me think that the watch is huge every time.

What I'm trying to say is I think it's not always easy to determine if a watch is big or not just by the numbers. It really depends on whether the watch is dressy vs. sporty, clean vs. busy, etc.

Oh but regardless of everything said above, yes, Invictas are big.

nytime commented on N (to me) WA: White dial everyday

Absolutely beautiful. Congrats!

nytime commented on Good old days and female watch models :)

Wanted to add my female watch 馃槀

nytime commented on KiwiSeiko Big USA Trip

Welcome to NY, you just missed the week of dreary rain 馃槀 I feel Juliana's vs. Grimaldi's is the coal oven pizza ver of Rolex vs. Omega.

nytime commented on Matching Clothes to Watches Pt. 1 (alt title: two of my hobbies)

Thank you! 馃榿

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An Unlikely Travel Companion

For my vacation from my new job, I got back to doing my old job (full time dad and husband). I also got to return to Korea since the COVID crazy-ness...
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Casio AQ230GA-9BVT Review - A Week On The Wrist

Ah, Casio. Whatever needs you have, Casio has it. Not only do they have it, they're also relatively cheap! I was on a hunt for a gold-toned dress watc...
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[SOTC] Japanese Trio

Honestly did not think I'd be buying 3 watches this year but regardless. With the addition of Casio, my 3 watch collection-within-a-collection has bee...
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How does MSRP vs. actual price paid affect your view on your watches?

I am grateful that I was able to pick up two watches at great discounts: over 60%. Thus I was able to get a $900 watch for $400, and a $1800 for $800...
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Scratching it up (Acrylic vs Mineral vs Sapphire)

The recent post on Seiko and their pricing strategy led me to think back on my watches and their crystals. Specifically, is mineral crystal really tha...
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Why did you buy your last watch?

It's a very broad question I know, but was it a special occasion? On a whim? Also why did you buy that particular watch? For myself, I bought this Cit...
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New Hamilton Frogmans!

The Frogmans of Hamilton have always caught my eye. They just announced a new version today: what are your thoughts? Personally I think Hamilton playe...
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