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Watches and Wardrobe Pt. 3 (Summer Casual Edition)

Summer's almost gone, but here are some looks I have accrued over the past few months. Summer of course, lends itself to casual looks so I'll be focus...

Rubber (Straps)

Now that summer is here, I've been interested in adding more rubber straps to my strap collection. The first one I tried was a curved end one, from a...

What Makes a Watch a "Forever" One?

And which ones in your collection are they? For all intents, I do buy watches hoping that they'd be "forever pieces" but of course I do recognize ther...

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nytime commented on nytime's WRUW

Thank you, I'm guessing it's most likely because they designed the watch being round as a starting point? It's a different feeling from looking at the Ballon Bleu.

nytime commented on Tissot PRX Digital

For me it's one step away from being a super hit - the display (and module I guess). I just feel like they could have done something a little more interesting. I like it overall regardless!

nytime commented on nytime's WRUW

Thank you 馃檪

nytime commented on Classic sized watches

That's awesome! 馃敟

nytime commented on Classic sized watches

Why not both?

nytime commented on My forever watch, which watch is yours?

This is the only one of five that I would truly consider a forever watch. All the others, I would feel sad if I lost them/they broke/etc. but I would be happy to gift/sell/etc. if it ever came to that.

nytime commented on Rubber (Straps)

Awesome! Thank you for the suggestions, I'll have a look at them.

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[Hamilton] Spirit of Liberty Chronograph - 2 Years on the Wrist Review

2 years. How fast time goes (usually). During the time the watch has been with me for many memories, and also was in Switzerland for 4 months for a fu...

Hamilton Spirit of Liberty

4.4 Avg. Score

Orient Mako III

https://store.orient-watch.com/pages/mako So it seems like the Mako line is finally getting a sapphire crystal, and more fun colourways! The chronogra...

Wardrobe and Watches Pt. 2

As some of you may know, my interests are in menswear and watches - it's always been a pleasure trying to mix and match my clothes and my watches. I h...

2022 Review With Watches and Mini-Collection Review

As 2022 is coming to a close, I just wanted to share some of the biggest personal events of mine that I managed to snap a watch shot for. I guess also...

NICU Thoughts #2 - Application of Quartz (and HFOV)

One of the machines we use in pediatrics more often than our adult counterparts is the High Frequency Oscillating Ventilation (HFOV) machine. Basicall...

NICU thoughts #1 - 10 Minutes

Time taken to devour a meal. Time taken to shower. Time taken to drive to work. Time taken to set up. Time taken for baby to transition from the warmt...

Nomos Neomatik Club Sport 37s

Finally at a much more manageable size of 37mm (lug to lug 47mm), a whopping 5mm drop from the original. How do WatchCrunchers feel about this watch?...