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Strap changes

Man, what a difference a strap can make.

Watchdives NTTD Review

Here is a quick updated review. Had for over a week now. Running around +3 seconds a day. Seiko NH35 movement. Sapphire crystal with clear AR costing....

Watchdives NTTD

4.6 Avg. Score

No time to dive lol

Here is a fun alternative to the Omega NTTD. If your like me and can鈥檛 afford the Omega NTTd but absolutely love the look of the watch then this is a...

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commented on TeddyMorgan's WRUW

Yea I鈥檓 about to pull my hair out with this book lol

commented on Strap changes


commented on Strap changes


commented on TeddyMorgan's WRUW

Isn鈥檛 it just awesome!!

commented on TeddyMorgan's WRUW
commented on TeddyMorgan's WRUW

Thanks brother! It just came out as part of their heritage line.

commented on Dan Henry Maverick

Version 2 does not.

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My Dan Henry Maverick

No disrespect to anyone who owns a moonswatch, in fact I stood in line to get one a couple years ago. Needless to say I sold it due to the lack of qua...

Happy anniversary

Had a staycation in Dallas this weekend for my 9th wedding anniversary. Stopped in the fossil store and my wife just wouldn鈥檛 put this down so I got i...

$28 still gets you a killer watch

This Casio W-219H is a boderline g -shock imo. I ordered a better strap from aliexpress for $2.99 and it works, however the original nylon Velcro stra...

Casio tank

Trying out straps

Worth it!! Casio tank.

Took forever to get here but def worth it!!

G shock utility series

Cordora strap feels 10x better than that plastic strap it comes on!! I truly only bought it for that reason lol.