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Review of my first week with my first Casio! Very pleasantly surprised

I already made a separate post about my Casio A168 & don't wanna repeat myself for my sake or y'all's, so this is just gonna be pros & cons :)...

Casio A168 Illuminator

4.4 Avg. Score

My first digital watch & first Casio!

So by sheer good luck, when I was looking for Seiko parts (for a rebuild project I'm doing over time) on eBay, one of those semi-related recommendatio...

Does anyone have spare Seiko parts they’d be willing to donate? (Seiko 6119C)

Two weeks ago I bought a bag of watch parts hoping to tinker with dials and learn how to dis and reassemble a movement. To my good fortune, the bag al...

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commented on Timex x The James Brand (Holy Hell) ·

Ooh touche, I agree with your reasoning

commented on What would you do? ·


commented on NWA - D1 Milano Sketch ·

They should’ve called this one the X-Ray! Leave the Sketch to the White version!

commented on Ollech & Wajs ·

I found out about them thru Reddit and there’s some aesthetic aspect about them that makes them my favourite! (IMO this model could do with a bit less grey)

commented on Fixed bars but not what you expected! ·

Makes sense, it’s very clean!

commented on Fixed bars but not what you expected! ·

It’s like Unimatic, Boldr, and a Citizen Bullhead got merged into one, but it just works well! Would love a 6 o’clock date

commented on Fixed bars but not what you expected! ·

How’s it like setting the time?

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Field watch recs?

Looking for… Black dial California dial (preferrably) 40mm diameter and under Date function 50/100+ M Water Resistance (100 preferred) Quartz (not pop...

Strap Recs? (Pref. under $30 but open to see options)

In my small collection, I have these two I like a lot, but wish I had different straps for them, particularly my HMT. Previously the HMT had a faux al...

Crown Position

Pretty obvious which is gonna win but 🤷‍♂️
143 votes ·

Battery Prices

Is it just me but batteries cost a FORTUNE at stores? It was $6 for ONE SR621SW. I go on eBay and there’s a guy selling Renata batteries one town over...

How do you know when to service a watch?

The question just struck me, as almost all my life I’d had quartz which generally never needs a service. Of course, there’s the obvious “when it’s bro...

Where can I order/get a [custom] part made?

TL;DR: Want to make an updated-for-2024 Timex 1972 World Time Reissue bezel, where to make or get something like this? Same with engraving a caseback...