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If you see someone wearing an interesting watch, do you ask them about it?

Last night I was at work dinner and I noticed someone sitting at my table was wearing a cool watch that I actually own. I know this person but I don’t know them well. I hate to admit it but I chickene...
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The drought is FINALLY over!

Well Crunchers, I popped into my local Rolex authorized dealer today and all of these watches were available for immediate purchase. I also got the hi...

Have you met any Crunchers in real life (IRL)?

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commented on CivilBen's WRUW ·

Thanks Ming. This is my favorite watch.

commented on CivilBen's WRUW ·

Thanks for the feedback everyone. That’s an interesting question Art and one worth noting. I am finding that there is a sharp edge on the bottom of the case between the lugs. Essentially, the lip of the caseback seems to be cutting into the bottom of my straps (on the Explorer and my Oyster Perpwtual). It’s not something that’s a big deal since it’s not visible. But, I am sure it will create premature wear and tear on the strap.

commented on artavva's WRUW ·

I wish JLC made more black dial watches. ❤️

commented on CivilBen's WRUW ·

Hi Mike, the material is called Saffiano leather. I ordered the strap in this color combo and in a custom length for my 7.5 inch wrist from ZicZac leathers out of Vietnam. I’ve been buying straps from there for years.

commented on CivilBen's WRUW ·

Thanks. You never know if the colors will work until you see things in person but this matched up nicely.

commented on righthandwatches's WRUW ·

Thats why I keep staring at this particular Ludwig. I didn’t know enamel dial versions existed. 🍻

commented on M.B.David's WRUW ·

I’ve heard complaints that Omega makes too many versions of the same watch. I completely disagree. It’s awesome that there are so many flavors of these amazing watches.

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