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DerpMonkey ·

Diver with a suit?

I got the marathon MSAR roughly a year ago and it hasn't left my wrist since. I wear it for every occasion, from uniforms to suits. Recently, my friend has been trying to convince me that I need a dre...
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idiotwithawatch ·

Marathon GPM dial on macro mode!

I have been absent from this site for a quite a while because of lack of time (pun intended) But hopefully I'll be able to post more of my watch shot....
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Mitchellb67 ·

Today on the wrist

Marathon JSAR
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Catskinner ·

One mCi here, another one there, and then before you realize it...

Ah tritium...the joy of having the chance to have some radioactive fun without the danger of turning into a flesh hungry fly, or a hulking green monst...
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Tregurtha ·

Hamilton or Marathon for the ice caves

Heading to northern Michigan to explore the ice caves. Trying to decide on my new Hamilton khaki with no adventures and no scratches, or my Marathon, which has been to Hell and back with me and asks f...
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rhenium1000 ·

Battle of Military Quartz Divers

In search of a beater with real military heritage, I landed on these two. Price aside, why would you choose one over the other? Do you hate the thickness and allegedly weird proportions of the MSAR? D...
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watchie ·

Omega does homages for military watches. Marathon is the real deal

Love the matte tan case with matching NATO strap. This is my first watch with tritium tube lume and I love it. The 12oclock hour marker is orange whic...
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Mitchellb67 ·

Todays choice

Out and about with the Marathon JSAR Maple Leaf 2012 edition. The watch has sentimental reasons. My father left me with a little cash when he passed a...
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too_few_wrists ·

Marathon TSAR - questions and concerns

I’ve peeked at the Marathon site over the years. I’ve been intrigued by the General Purpose and 41mm TSAR. I recently dropped my SKX on the bathroom t...
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Thedudez ·

Is Marathon (Watch Company) a microbrand?

So i have their MSAR as my beater. Love the watch, and fits perfectly with a nato. But i once told myself i could never have a microbrand watch as a k...
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