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For Any Omega Fans...馃馃徎馃馃徎馃憣馃徎

The man, the myth, the legend that is Pat Mac. Casually rockin a baller Omega, doin gangster stuff on the pointy end of the stick, like a boss. Don't...

Random Comparisons

If anyone hasn't heard, I like watches. But I REALLY like microbrands. All too often many wonder about buying a watch, sight unseen/worn, wondering ho...

Mens Watches, Super Light Waterproof Luminous Stainless Steel Lightweight Watch, Casual Quartz Analog Watches with Date Classic Luxury Dress Watch for Men

**SARCASM AND IRONY INCOMING** **SORRY, NOT SORRY** So, I don't do things in half measures, I'm all the way or not at all. Hence this purchase. Cost m...

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solidyetti commented on Small wrist watch band Recs

20mm or 22mm will work on a 21. Depends on what look you prefer.

I have smaller-ish wrists, 6.5" (16.5 for you metric peeps).

The Crown and Buckle Chevron might be worth looking at for you, infinitely adjustable.

My personal favorites are the OG ZuluAlpha straps. Infinitely adjustable, unique buckle, owner and his small team still do everything by hand, and he supports some great veterans charities.

I still need up cutting down the length sometimes, but a sharp set of shears, and a lighter will make short work of trimming stuff down.

solidyetti commented on I'm New Here, But I Already Understand How It Works.

Tell your friend to get some thicker skin...., you can block ppl, or even better not read posts you don't like lol.


And welcome to WC, it's waaay better here than any place I've ever been on.

solidyetti commented on Helm Miyako arrived early! 馃寠

Luv mine, have it back on the steel as well, just seems to vibe the best to me. 馃嵒

solidyetti commented on (Only Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 38mm)Asking: Share your 3rd party bracelet

I believe Uncle Seiko also does one as well, altho he might only offer blasted/brushed variants.

solidyetti commented on Seiko SRPG27 | Steel, Simple, & Jingly Jangly Goodness

Luv me some jangle as well my dude! 馃馃徎馃馃徎

solidyetti commented on Hamilton khaki is overrated?

As others have said, that boring field vibe means it goes with everything, and is EXTREMELY versatile.

If you want to spice it up, throw it on some fun graphic straps. And yes it does have long L2L, but for what it cost me when I bought mine, I ain't complaining....馃馃徎馃槣馃槈馃槻馃.

solidyetti commented on Cannot put Nato strap on

It looks like it should, if it doesn't good thing about Amazon is you can return it.

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Oooo Glowy....

Really, really digging this pilot dial, with white strap, and blue #lume . Marc at LongIslandWatch does some solid, affordable, and well put together...

Upcoming Lorier Hydra Zulu

Saw this today, looks pretty 馃敟馃馃徎馃馃徎馃憣馃徎! Blacked out Lorier Hydra Zulu. Don't really need another, but for anyone interested. Releases Nov 10 @ 11...

App Update Allows Unicorns....

Loving the new update, UNICORNS for all....馃槀. That is all. #makingmagichappen @Max @WatchCrunch Keep up the good work y'all! 馃馃徎馃馃徎馃槅 馃馃馃

Nodus + AWWC = 馃憣馃徎

I like tool watches. I like microbrands. I like collabs with cool dudes (AWWC = Anti-Watch Watch Club). I LIKE this watch! Been trying for a bit to ge...

WOE's article about New Tudor FXD Just found this interesting, might be more provenance behind thi...