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You don’t see this ever day!

A vintage reissue watch seems like a more recent idea in the industry, right?… what about a vintage reissue that was made in the 80s? A vintage, vinta...
6 195
Aurelian ·

The perils of vintage #381

I broke a watchmaker. This man had done good work for me for the better part of a decade and he is hanging up his loupe. He told me that at 70 his eye...
17 341
Aurelian ·

Censor For A Day!

We all know that WatchCrunch is meant for civil watch nerd discussions. If you have been around a minute you also know that you can also mute certain folks if you find them upsetting or annoying (it i...
24 205
Aurelian ·

Query: I want to show you something...

...a watch. And, I don't want to tell you anything about it. I want to display it completely shorn of any context or subtext, just a picture. You must supply the meaning. Where should I post this watc...
6 118
Aurelian ·

Which Emperor Inspired Watch?

Only a few days into this trolling project and I am already out of ideas. Along comes @MegaBob to suggest a line of Roman Emperor inspired watches and a poll is born. Bonus is that I get to use a joke...
13 354
Aurelian ·

New Badges

I am taking all of the credit. WatchCrunch has added Elgin, Gruen, Waltham, and Raketa badges. I have been whining (whinging to some of you) for years...
26 234
Aurelian ·

Choose wisely: The Most Important Poll Ever

So, jolly old Saint Nick needs to be on time, certainly we can agree on that? Well, how does it do it? Does he wear a watch befitting a figure of his age and stature? Or, does he wear an IWC, because...
10 307
BrianE ·

A vintage watch love story

These Gruen watches were built in Cincinatti. The company existed from 1894 - 1958. This pair belonged to my wife's grandparents - they gave them to e...
2 129
dmcguire0208 ·

Historic Building - Time Hill

A little bit of watchmaking history that I pass on my way home from church. This is Time Hill, the former offices of the Gruen Watch Company in Cincin...
12 280
Aurelian ·

American Watch Tiers

For those of you who are not familiar with Fantasy sports, next month the National Football League in the United States will begin its season and mill...
20 303

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BetoMC ·

Dress watch

So I'm thinking about getting a dress watch and these watches could fit in my budget. Bambino: pros- I don't have any orient in my collection. cons- t...
28 447
Tezer296 ·


The moon watch I can afford
3 490
AngryArchitect27 ·

Bulova's incredible history

If you have not seen TGV's recent YouTube video about the Bulova Museum in the Empire State Building, it is definitely worth watching. I must admit I...
9 238
Ocepen ·


Had this one in my collection over 15 years now it’s quite a big dial and a noisy ticker, I’ve changed the strap as the leather one fell apart The cas...
2 25
celinesimon ·

First Watch, Last Watch, Next Watch?

What was the first watch you ever got? The last one you added to your collection? And the next one you have your eye on? My first was a Flik Flak when...
104 792
Bzilla ·

Timex Chronograph

Pretty cool watch for $50 usd. It's chonky, thick as a slim g shock. The band is not confidence boosting, but it looks nice. No quick change day, but...
1 17

Vintage Jewelers gone AD watch retailers⌚, GRASSY 🙌!

This once in a lifetime find sparked this post! I slepped on it for two days and then jumped on this watch. To my scrutinating knowledge it is literal...
11 516
suntzu ·

Timex x Hypebeast

This is the recently released Timex x Hypebeast M79. It was limited to only 500 made. I got lucky because I saw the release 5 mins after it was suppos...
3 417
coastwatch ·

1979 Timex Mercury model 25139 10479

Sleek 1979 Timex Mercury with black leather strap. Simple is nice.
0 12
Sir_Co2 ·


The nylon strap was ok, but this mesh bracelet transforms it
4 363