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USPS Lost Package: Zulu Alpha

Thursday my eBay purchase - a ZA Blackbeard Bloodline strap was marked as delivered. I scored it for $80 which is essentially like getting it with fre...

Negative Displays and Dopamine Hits

I was honestly just looking for something to feed the dopamine machine and came across this one in my local mall. I wasn鈥檛 entirely sold on it as it h...

What鈥檚 your Origin Story? The Watch That Started it All.

I鈥檝e loved watches most of my adult life, albeit affordable watches you could find in Walmart/the mall. Nearly 15 years ago I picked up a Timex Expedi...

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commented on JHT_61's WRUW

Well, it鈥檚 a real beaut for sure! Nice pick up.

commented on squarestanley's WRUW

Definitely killer summer vibes.

commented on squarestanley's WRUW

Thanks. It is a ribbed nato from CNS. It comes across a bit more saturated in the photos I've taken.

commented on Next target?

Personally, if the Grand Seiko SBGM221 is an option, the others aren't even part of the conversation. I have seen this one in person and it is stunning! I love most every watch you're considering, but they don't hold a candle to the GS.

commented on How are people not embarrassed to wear rep watches?

Oh no, I agree for sure. I wear my watches for better or worse. Luckily I have no desire for a Rolex lol. But, it is a perspective that I can at least understand when having a conversation around replicas.

commented on NWA: Timex Expedition (First Hand-Winding Mechanical Watch)

Looks like a lovely addition and a stellar impulse buy. Also, appears to be a pretty decent leather strap. 馃挭

commented on Henry Cavill as the next Bond...what watch would he wear?

I would love to see Bond rocking a Doxa. Not the Professional, but perhaps a Searmabler or Carribean for a more subdued look.

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Hamilton X Dune?

If I had an extra $2500 laying around, I鈥檇 be all over this. Anyone plan on picking this up? Or have any strong feelings about the collab one way or t...

What are your 鈥淩isky鈥 hobbies?

I鈥檓 curious, since I know we all have 鈥渢he sickness鈥, what other hobbies - mainly active sports - you make your watches endure. Mine is skateboarding....

Your Favorite Watch Photos You鈥檝e Taken

As a photography enthusiast, I鈥檝e found shooting watches to be a great way to keep me active in my hobby even when inspiration is not present to go ou...

Breitling X ... Super Bowl LVIII?

LE, Limited Run, Collab... any variation on limited edition watches tends to be polarizing, especially if the collaboration is over-the-top obvious. I...

$10,000 Fantasy Draft

Just for a bit of fun鈥 You鈥檝e just been handed $10k with the instructions that you must spend it all on watches (terrible, I know 馃槀). Which three wat...