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beroplaysbass ·

#titaniumtuesday We're Taking Back Tuesdays!

Much love for Robert-Jan Broer, but #speedytuesday is outplayed, and rather boring.. I'm sorry but it's just the same watch Tuesday after Tuesday. May...
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synaptyx ·

New field watch

I was looking for a field watch, a titanium watch and a pvd black watch. I was most surprised when I discovered Bertucci had a watch that was all thre...
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Candide3693 ·

7 Watch Challenge, Take Two

OK, let’s try this again. This challenge is based on the one watch challenge offered by @Aurelian and sponsored by @WatchCrunch . When I had finished...
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JDinAZ ·

Bertucci new movement

I ordered a new Miyota movement for my Bertucci this morning because the stem stopped engaging with the movement. Will I be able to remove the crown f...
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beroplaysbass ·

Bertucci A-4T "Super Yankee" on a Straps Co. Leather Nato

I featured this piece about 2 months ago, but I now have it on the Straps Co. Leather Nato. Now I do love leather and my natos, but the buckle on here...
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beroplaysbass ·

"Allen Edmonds Field Watch" (Bertucci A-2S) on Horween Leather Nato

I got this bad boy in an auction (I know big surprise..) But me being the Bertucci fan boy I am, this caught my eye immediately. Only to see that it d...
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beroplaysbass ·

Bertucci A-4T "Super Yankee" on a Cotton Bertucci Strap

This was my grail not all too long ago. It's quartz (which yes, I'm about 75% quartz and 25% mechanical), it's titanium, field style, has tritium, lit...
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Candide3693 ·

Bertuci A-2RA Retroform

I was digging through my watch collection and ran across my Bertucci watches. I have a DX3 Field and this A-2RA Retroform, which is another one of my...
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beroplaysbass ·

Bertucci A-3P - Vintage Green Dial

This is my most recent Bertucci, I won this bad boy on eBay for about $30 after taxes. This is one of the original models Bertucci used, with the 3 o'...
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erikswrist ·

Watches with a Purpose

Bertucci isn't necessarily something that I would keep in a watch box, it usually stays in my rifle bag for range use, but look at this thing. Isn't i...
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