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Collection 6/7: Casio Tiffany MTP1302D

Hate it or love it, we all know of it. I found her sitting on the Macy’s website as their deal of the day for $40, figuring if I didn’t like it I coul...

Casio mtp 1302

Just say the casio tiffany blue datejust and realized i had a kinda simillar watch but in white color and golden accents,got it fromm my dad Kinda get...

Seiko 7548 teal - the Seiko tiffany

My absolute favourite from 12/1984 😍

CASIO project finally completed

New Tiffany rubber strap


Hi guys ! I am in search of a dress watch and i am struggling to choose from these two. Can you give me your oppinion ?

Casio Tiffany

Hi fam, got my first casio. Received it a few days agao. The dial is of a lighter shade irl. Seems like a perfect wear for daytime. I wish the case wa...

CASIO Aqua Terra - Concept

Last year Casio released MTP1302D-2A2VT AKA - Casio Date Just Tiffany and generated a lot of hype on the internet. I recently ordered mine from Casio...

Tiffany Atlas from my lady’s collection

We picked this up from a pawnshop in 2019...... Just changed the battery and still ticking strong...... Got it for a song and it's the best 300 euro w...

New Watch Alert - Casio W-86

So after gushing about my year-long love affair with my Omega SMP (See here:

Casio "Tiffany"

Had a really hard time finding this one. Who would've believed that a watch at this price range would be so scarce?