Seiko & Bulova Can But Steinhart & Pagani Can鈥檛?

Are you more comfortable with a copy machine homage from a bigger brand like Seiko who have a solid foundation in original watches, compared to a brand like Pagani Design that started business as a co...
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Good old Timex

If you love a field watch but that Hamilton Field Khaki Mech is jusy above your budget, then this Timex is well worth it. Easy wear the indiglo is mag...
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Timex Waterbury

Ready鈥. Set鈥.. GO!!! 馃弾锔忦煆
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Yard sale score - bunch of hand-winders for $5 each

I've been hunting for cheap vintage watches to disassemble and it looks like this is it!! My Geiger counter says that the Le Roy is hot, so I think I'...
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I鈥檇 say this my least interesting watch. I鈥檇 say that this is probably the least expensive watch. I鈥檇 say this is probably my favorite in the collecti...
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Which color would you go for?

I'm scoping out a couple of new watches. I know I want to get a Dufrane 鈥 I love their style, and I love the connection to Austin Tx (where I currently live). I'd been planning on getting the Travis i...
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Smooth Sweeping Second Hand

Any recommendations on a smooth sweeping second hand watch that won鈥檛 break the bank? Leaning toward the Bulova Precisionist (242 kHz UHF Quartz) with...
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Plastic Timex 2009

Is anyone able to help identify this model? I bought this Timex in 2009 from my ship鈥檚 store while on deployment. Couldn鈥檛 have cost more than $10. Co...
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Timex 鈥淔alcon Eye鈥

Let the Quartz revolution continue! I just recieved this in the mail, the Timex 鈥淔alcon Eye鈥 w/ green dial! It鈥檚 a stunner! Beautiful green dial (pict...
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Vengeful Turtle

Saving the ocean with this cute little guy.
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