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gshock_modz ·

Backup watches…

Does anyone else bring extra watches to the office/shop to swap with throughout the day? Depending on how my days going to go, dirty, meetings, etc….
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gshock_modz ·

The Lunar Pilot.

The first non-digital watch I’ve ever purchased, still a quart and it’s great!!!
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watchbrothers ·

The “other moon watch” 🧑‍🚀

Quartz moon watch? It existed long before moonSwatches, and it's much more interesting!
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PaulNH ·

Call me Ishmael

Chief among these motives was the overwhelming idea of the great whale himself. Such a portentous and mysterious monster roused all my curiosity.
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Acridnoise ·

Another find two weeks ago holding time like a champ

Bulova N0 1970 sea king 11ANACD mov. I can open it to show the mov. If anyone's interested
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Rynofishing ·

Does the mesh bracelet look ok on this watch?

I am struggling to find straps for this watch because the lugs are so short. The only straps that fit are mesh and some rubber straps. I really want t...
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thewatchchannel ·

The Watch Channel - New Special Offer for Subscribers

Happy Thursday people!! Let's jump straight into our second special offer for subscribers & viewers of the channel! This Special Edition Computron...
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JackySZN ·

My 4 watch rotation

I am currently running this 4 watch rotation and I am loving each watch for it's purpose I use my "casioak" for work as I work in a kitchen and the th...
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ChronoGuy ·

Coke or Pepsi?

So it's probably just me, but I don't get the attraction of the Pepsi bezel at all. I'm not trying to troll anyone here, but just curious if you are a...
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wintermutt ·

Did you inherit your dad's watch?

My father was a bit of a watch guy. I can remember, as a child, peeking in awe into his watch drawer. He didn't have anything too fancy but this littl...
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