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My daily set of watches

Good day, gentlemen. I鈥檓 a newbie both here and in the world of watch collecting as well. So please do not judge my words and collection too hard. As...

My next watch? Feedback appreciated

I saw this in a store yesterday and absolutely love it. The same store had the Hamilton Khaki but for some reason this one really speaks to me. I've n...

Blue Monday

Goodmorning Crunchers. Wearing my Bulova Marine Star Quartz on this Blue Monday! I remember when weekends lasted longer!

For Man or Woman?

I like much of the vintage inspired stuff Bulova puts out but, as a lover of Frank Lloyd Wright as well, I was taken by this piece. It gives me tank l...

Show me your nightstand clock

Picked up this beauty and the second hand sweeps. 馃槺 Purpose is I want to move my phone further away from my bed and my excuse was it doubled as a nigh...

3x鈥檚 the Crowns 鈥 3x鈥檚 the Fun

3x鈥檚 the fun with this Bulova A-15. Review on my YouTube channel.


I put an eye on this Marine Star some time ago and it's now one of my faves.

A Birthday Present

Recently it was my father's birthday and leading up to it I wanted to get him something special. Immediately I thought of the Bulova Hack as I've show...

Is it worth it?

I鈥檓 a lover of Bulova. I grew up just down the street from there Queens NY, factory so it鈥檚 been a brand that reminds me of my childhood. My favorite...

Impressive Timepiece - Bulova Lunar Pilot (96B251)

The more I wear the Lunar Pilot, the more impressed I am by this watch. From the reliable and robust chronograph function to the very accurate High Pe...