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occamseraser ·

Bulova Devil Diver

New pickup this week. I know it's got a clunky old movement in it, but absolutely loving these old school vibes and the green! Had to take it outside...
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simonswatch ·

Why aren’t more watches using this Movement

The Bulova Precisionist quartz movement P102 seems awesome. -really high accuracy—> basically on spring drive Niveau - smooth sweeping second hand...
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Bessio ·

Yes or No?

Images borrowed from worn and wound online images. Reissue of the 1973 Bulova Parkmeter with a quartz movement instead of the original automatic one....
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Architechnology ·

Accutron Battery

So I am tossing this out hoping someone knows… typically don’t see questions like this on here: Where online can one purchase the battery gaskets (bum...
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djole_993 ·

How to photo watches?

When I want to make some quality photo of my watch i follow these steps.. Use laptop and find some white wallpaper Set some leather object Put watch a...
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DigitalDivider ·

New Bulova Classic!

Just got this Bulova Sutton Classic dress watch. I am really liking what Bulova has been releasing recently.
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TheSharperTheBetter ·

It’s my name day…

…which i don’t much care for, but my family continues to insist on celebrating. The upside is this time i got a watch! My dear sweet mother decided to...
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watchobsessed ·

Favorite Orange Diver on Rubber Strap?

Which of these orange divers do you prefer?
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Stevieb ·

Football season

Game tonite going with the lunar pilot for the win!
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