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Stopped by the Omega boutique …

Passed by the Omega boutique and talked watches with a salesperson. He then asked if I wanted to try this Seamaster as I mentioned I am not a fan of t...

Maen Manhattan 37 Size

I’ve never worn an integrated bracelet on my 6.4-6.5 inch wrist. It’s 47mm Lug 2 Lug and it seems like a female end link type fit. Any WCs out there t...

Monta Atlas

For those who own or have owned this watch, how phenomenal is the finish on this? Is it best in class around this price range? I was initially thinkin...

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commented on Heaviest watch you own and wear ·

This Seiko Speedtimer, but it’s not that heavy. I’ve never considered weight as a factor actually. Maybe I will once I try titanium.

commented on Brand you'd never buy? ·

Sacrilege, Agreed

commented on Brand you'd never buy? ·

Lol love Christopher Ward. As for me, Hamilton, nice watches but something about those long flat lugs …

commented on Have you ever “impulse” bought a watch? ·

My wife has never said no to a watch purchase. If I bought one without passing it by her, I think she’d be disappointed and pissed simultaneously. Which would kill my chances for my grail watch 😎.

commented on Up close and personal…. ·

That watch is absolutely beautiful. Your shots are equally phenomenal.

commented on Today is Sub (no date) Sunday ·

Black no date sub - perfection

commented on Ok Watch Crunchers just how thick does a watch become before it gets to unbearable to wear? ·

I’ll let you know after I purchase a Marathon Diver.

But seriously my SSC813 speedtimer is 13.3 and I think it looks fine on my 6.5 inch wrist. I’d guess at 15 millimeters, all watches would look too thick for me, regardless of case design trickery.

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First SOTC

Half a year since purchasing my first watch. The state of the collection: Solar, Quartz, Auto.

Gift for wife who does not own a watch.

My wife goes down 100 rabbit holes on her smart phone when she initially just wants to see what time it is. I want to give her the gift of being more...

16.5 Cm Wrist: Watch Box Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a watch box whose pillows are small enough for bracelets that fit 16.5 Cm wrist. Do manufacturers offer multiple pillow sizes?

Doubled My “Collection”

Now I have 2 watches. A Seiko Speedtimer SSC813 & my first automatic, CW Aquitaine, which arrived yesterday. Very happy with the purchase. Feels g...

G Shock for 16.5 cm wrist

Looking for a semi indestructible watch that I don’t have to think about / baby. G Shock came to mind. There seems to be 5000 G Shocks. Thought I’d as...

Love the visual … Build quality 4 price though?

Looking for relatively inexpensive weekend at the beach diver. Movement is not an issue. Ownership experience re build quality would be appreciated. I...