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Casio W212H Steel Bezel Sports Watch Review

I don't see this one too often. Had to buy one for myself and I gotta say that I enjoyed it.

I like canvas straps

NATOs and Zulus breathe new life into any of my watches.

Let's get some work done boys馃嵒

My go-to work watch.

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degenerateWA commented on Love it or Hate it鈥s there a middle ground with Tag Heuer?

Older TAGs are awesome and objectively so. They're built like brick shithouses and their quality lives up to today's standards.

degenerateWA commented on Sports Watch

There is something comforting about knowing your watch is rated for one of the harshest environments on this planet.

degenerateWA commented on The joy of having the perfect wrist size.

I start my measurements from my butthole, it's the only way

degenerateWA commented on degenerateWA's WRUW

Thank you馃嵒 Gotta love that smile馃憣

degenerateWA commented on degenerateWA's WRUW

My definition for beater differs from most. It's a term I use to describe a watch so well made it can handle whatever abuse my lifestyle throws at it.

degenerateWA commented on What is your next watch?

YES!馃槇馃槇馃槇 excellent deal and great pickup. Your degeneracy is in good company馃嵒

degenerateWA commented on Some Seikos that I like.

The dressKX is one of my favorites馃憣馃憣馃憣

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The Lesser Known Seiko Atlas/Landshark

I modified my Landshark and I absolutely love the results:

Metal digital watches rock

Some EDC but mainly showcasing the GM6900.

Some Seikos that I like.

My Omega SMP300 w/ bracelet clasp QC issue

The Elusive Automatic Luminox

This is the Modern Mariner. Reminiscent of an Invicta Grand Octane, I would recommend this watch to Invicta fans wanting to try something new.

Funky looking military divers.

The P01's Navy career was short lived but I still consider it's ties to the military as valid. The Grand Fonds is equally funky. I use the term "funky...

The Orient AC0K (Triton) | A Proper Evolution of the SKX

Sure, Orient is its own thing and so is the Triton. With that said, there is a connection to Seiko and connecting this to the SKX is unavoidable. Pers...