Trophyhusband ·

What watch for black tuxedo event?

Not wearing a black bow tie. I have a bow tie collection. From L-R Hamilton, Timex , Omega, Rado, Oris, Hamilton
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ToolWatchTom ·

Timex G-Shock Killer??

Sorry about the sensational title, I've just seen that Timex are bringing out their own durable resin watch the 'Command' which looks something like i...
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omerbashir86 ·

what was your first watch?

Wondering how many of you out there still have your first watch? Mine is a Timex Originals Q T2N405 (pictured here) I should clarify that this is the...
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timegeek ·

What is vintage?

As I continue my journey with "vintage" watches, two things are clear. First, there are many Crunchers with great knowledge and experience that they a...
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TheCianinator ·

Timex Marlin!

Became increasingly enamored with this watch lately, decided to turn it into some cognitive behavioral therapy when my paycheck came in. Ordered it af...
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casioguy ·

How many is too many?

If my wife (hypothetically of course) were to give me a box to put all my watch boxes in, and if I (again, hypothetically) had a plastic bag full of w...
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TimexBadger ·

My mini Timex Shop

Two more vintage Timex Cabinets came today from a long gone store that sold Timex watches. I think this is getting out of hand. Enjoy. Another item wi...
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Good Evening fellow watch enthusiasts. Thoughts?

I've been eyeing this Q Timex GMT with this specific batman bezel, what are your thoughts on them I found one for 260 USD and was contemplating it, An...
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TimexBadger ·

Timex Museum is finished

The last sign came today. It is a grail as far as light up signs go. Due to the fact that I ran out of space and my wife has had it, my Timex mini mus...
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Jtoddy ·


I own quite a few watches and I just can’t help but to come back to this little $200 watch from Timex. The proportions at 36 mm are just perfect. It’s...
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