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Chunghauphoto ·

eBay Timex

I can’t tell you how long ago I bought it (forgotten). I can’t tell you what model it is (maybe somebody else can). I can’t tell you how old it is. I...
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Candide3693 ·

Everyone Should Have A Weekender!

I was organizing my watches for a SOTC post, and I ran across this little beauty. Think I paid $20-$30 for it a number of years ago. I saw a blog or v...
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Candide3693 ·

Watches In Your Collection That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

Here is my Orient Sun and Moon Version 1. This watch always gets noticed when I wear it, and people seem to think it is much more expensive than it ac...
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borger ·

Conflicted about my Seiko 5 Sports

I recently got a Seiko 5 sports srpd71. I was really excited to get it, because I got a really good deal on it off eBay, I like the look, and I could...
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Candide3693 ·

Is Anyone Else Impressed With Timex Recently?

Timex will always hold a special place in my heart, as the first watch I ever got was a Timex I got for Christmas when I was seven years old. However,...
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AdrianR ·

Old watches I had forgotten about

Going through my old watch junk, I came across two 35mm items from my past. The engraving on the back of the Timex Electric shows it must have been a...
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Bsquare ·

My First Watch: Timex Harborside

This was the first watch I ever bought myself. A Timex Harborside. I don’t know why, but after a major life event, I bought myself a watch and was dra...
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hakki501 ·

2 Dogs

Funny worth sharing 😜
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morganthedruid ·

I bought this Timex Viscount for £5.50 this morning on ebay. It's my first ever Timex.

I was a bit shabby this morning following my wife's party last night so I settled down on the sofa with a cup of tea and took a look through ebay. Thi...
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Rynofishing ·

Timex + J.Crew Circa 2010 watch. My Beater watch??

This is a rare timepiece because it was only made in 2010 so a limited amount were made. You can find them on Ebay around $50-250 depending on the con...
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