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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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King Turtle tidy up

A little bit of love and a tune up for my “Marine Master” King Turtle. This little Seiko has been one of my favourite and most worn watches of the las...

Seiko Willard SLA033 made the cut for camping this weekend.

Pretty much the perfect fit for purpose out here: tough, great timekeeping (0.1 spd over 31 days- not bad eh) will see some lake swimming tomorrow and...

Which watch for 3 days camping?

I’ll be taking the little one and my lovely lady camping for three days. We will be cooking all meals over fire, hiking and foraging. Which watch would you take? The poll will decide which single watc...
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commented on nooski's WRUW ·

That looks sharp!

commented on tempo365's WRUW ·

Awesome, I had seen a review years ago, great to see differing implementations on how to view time.

commented on tempo365's WRUW ·

How do the minutes work Tempo?

commented on Loose or tight? ·

Was in the same position last week mate- it’s never fun, hope you make a great and speedy recovery!

commented on NWA - SLA043 - 62MAS ·

It arrived! Big congratulations mate, new watch day is the best day!

It looks great on the bracelet too. Mine won’t ever leave my small collection, it gets so much right in terms of quality, fit and finish. Seiko is at their best when they push the envelope a bit like this!

commented on Fishmongerel's WRUW ·

It is surprisingly good for a chronograph!

commented on Sapphire casebacks ·

Depends on the movement, the 3861 is pretty, I love the tone of the 321, the fun of the automaton on the Snoopy


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Black Bay 36

Artem Straps make the best sailcloth straps.

Trilogy Seamaster back on bracelet.

I love a great leather or rubber strap, but bracelets are where some watches are best.

The Willard chasing dinner

A huge day from sunrise to sunset on the water, chasing some beautiful Diver Whiting. Caught 79, plenty of filleting and a marvellous albeit late dinn...

Bezel swap for the Willard

A bezel arrived for the Willard today, there was little hesitation to remove and replace to see how it looks. It was difficult to photograph the damag...

What is a watch you won’t sell?

Over the years of collecting, buying and selling too many watches I have arrived at a few now that I know I won’t sell; the buying has slowed signific...