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DLove61 ·

Elgin Anyone?

Found this while helping the local history museum. I thought the group might find it interesting.
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Aurelian ·

In Praise of Small Watches

We have been conditioned to believe that a watch surface should completely obscure the surface of our wrist. It was not always so. In the past case an...
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LRFAntiqueWatches ·

WWI U.S. Army Surplus Watches Sold to the General Public

104 years ago today! On February 22, 1919 the Elgin "Star Dial" Trench Watches were made available to the general public. A major campaign to sell the...
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JBird7986 ·

Is Vortic a “real” watch company?

So in scrolling through the badges on offer here at WatchCrunch, I came across the Vortic badge. I’d never heard of Vortic before, so I looked them up. Turns out, their entire line of watches isn’t ac...
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Shakespeare ·

The Beatles and Their Watches – Part VII: The Pocket Watches

In December 2020 Phillips held an auction at which it sold two pocket watches described as follows: “Former Property of John Lennon & Andy Warhol:...
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Edwin66 ·

Elgin galaxie

Elgin galaxie vintage watch 1970
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Shakespeare ·

The Beatles and Their Watches - Part III: Cartier & Breitling

Interestingly, in November 1966 the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, appears to have bought himself and George Harrison matching (or almost matching)...
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Aurelian ·

Popularity isn't everything

Before World War II Elgin was the most popular watch in the world if popularity is measured by units sold. There are websites and books devoted to the...
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Edwin66 ·

Elgin vintage

My vintage watch of the 70's Elgin Galaxie with new strap
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RJLupin ·

Is this supposed Elgin army watch legit?

Hey y'all, does anyone think this is kosher? $85 for an Elgin A-11? Seller says it's running. Probably needs a hell of a servicing, but I just be thou...
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