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Candide3693 ·

Power Reserve Complication? Yay or nay? Love it? Hate it?

Wearing my Orient Star today and it got me thinking about the power reserve complication, and how polarizing it can be. It seems to me that people eit...
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Percushon ·

Favorite Complication

What is your favorite complication? Thinking beyond simple date and day, which arguably could be the most useful, what do you find yourself using most...
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RandyC ·

Tachymeter Usage

Just curious, does anyone actually use the tachymeter feature on a watch they own? I think most people don’t even use the Chronograph feature let alon...
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EverydayWatchGuy ·

What Makes The Perfect GMT Watch? I Think This Grand Seiko SBGM221 Comes Close!

Having a GMT function on a watch is one of the most practical complications, in my humble opinion. But I've often wondered what design elements of a G...
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grailtimepieces ·

What is your favorite complication?

I absolutely love the engineering that goes into modern watches…it simply fascinates me. So, I started wondering… What is your favorite complication?...
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WatchWitt ·

How Many Watches are You Changing the Date on Today?!

Oh, February...we love you. Today, March 1st, is the day I realize how many date complication pieces I have! Only two of them are perpetual calendars,...
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RandyC ·

Complications: I’m over them

When I was younger and first got into watches (around 20 years ago), I was really into complications. However, I’m just not into it anymore. Most are...
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11SWM11 ·

Grand Seiko Kodo: We need to talk about this...

Ok...I need to talk to someone about this crazy piece. First off, I LOVE this piece and secondly, I'm not rich enough to get it ($350K)🤣. But that's n...
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hidayat.setiaji ·

Safe Zone

Stupid question. If there's no date complication on a watch, is it safe to set the time at 9 am to 3 pm (especially on mechanical watch)? Thanks...
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PopitonaNATO ·

Unnecessary anger and first world problems

Don't know if this is a negative post, so please don't kick me off the site lol. I know they're only watches, but few things annoy me more than ghost...
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