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Matt84 ·

What’s everyone’s opinion on power reserve indicators?

I’m a fan if power reserve indicators. This might be helped by the fact that I like a busy dial that shows quite a lot, but I find them quite useful. I know that one of the issues Grand Seiko enthusia...
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OscarKlosoff ·

What is the ugliest complication?

I think a moon phase may be the only complication that actually enhances the appearance of a watch. Even complications that I like, say day and date,...
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geogop ·

Favorite Complication?

Currently, I have watches that have date complications, a couple of chronographs, and a GMT. Though I’ve never owned any, I am familiar with other com...
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eliamathias ·

Fuck, I bought a CW Bel Canto

Sooo, I just impulse bought this new CW Bel Canto. I love MB&F, Moser etc. but could never afford one and this is probably the closest thing you c...
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Wildcat033 ·

Best value for money watch from 2000 to 3000 € ?

Looking for a watch with some of the best value for money between 2000 to 3000 €. Any ideas watch fanatics plz? 😎 Versatile watch, nothing too dressy,...
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Justingalore ·

New watch alert

Great service from Christopher Ward. Delivery a few days earlier than expected with a nice personal note from Mike France. I’m just waiting to hear my...
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Eliott.b ·

At what point are there too many complications on a watch?

At what number do you think that complications take away from the actual watch?
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Wildcat033 ·


Any thoughts on this Longines ? Thanks :)
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Toddok ·

The dressiest dress watch

Which watch in your opinion Is the most "dressy"? If you had one pick for a very special occasion what would it be? Does it have to be simple or have...
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Smitty ·

Omega Speedmaster Moonphase

Got to check out this beauty today! Moonphase complication uses an actual NASA photo of the moon and you can see Neil Armstrong’s footprints on the su...
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