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Seiko Metronone Watch - Monotone

This JDM Seiko is so cool. I think the design even looks a bit Patek.

The Beatles and Their Watches - Part XII - John Lennon's STOLEN Patek FOUND! (update)

Wow! John Lennon's Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph No. 2499 has turned up in Geneva and a recent court decision concludes that Yoko Ono,...

Help me decide: Yay or Nay

Some months ago my good friend from #1wc suggested that my JLC Polaris is the Casio of the JLCs. I would like to respond by buying a more complicated JLC. Also preferably in Gold. Because Aurelian lik...

Anyone Collect Alarm Complications?

The Alarm complication is one of my favorites. Would love to see any alarm watches you guys have!

Favorite Complications

Hey y鈥檃ll! Just wondering what everybody鈥檚 favorite complications are. These don鈥檛 have to be necessarily ones in yer collections, just ones that you...

Thoughts on 5 bar WR ?

How many of you are comfy with splash resistant / 5 bar water resistant watches ? ( across all budgets) Dress/chrono/ full calender watches with just...

Anyone interested in a flyback chronograph?

Jomashop is running a crazy sale on the Frederique Constant Flyback Chronograph. It's retailing at $1200ish, a clean 70% discount to retail, and by fa...

Sought after complications?

There are some complications that are very rare that I would like to see more of. For me the one that stands out the most is a week complication. In m...

Show me your booty 馃馃従馃馃従馃馃従馃馃従

Just a booty show!!!

Can you use a chronograph watch as a countdown timer?

I just learned i can use my diver watch bezel as a timer and also to calculate elapsed time (which can work as a cronograph and this features makes my...