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thiago ·

[Movement Question] - Why do we need to apply a gentle shake on the watches with manual-wind movement to start ticking?

Hey everyone, I have a question for the movement enthusiastic guys here! I own a watch that uses a Sellita SW210-1 (CW C65 no date) and I have 2 optio...
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squidinks ·

Self-practice movement disassembly

I had some time during covid when my classes were online and at home. I bought a cheap Chinese mechanical watch online and disassembled it to try my h...
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Aurelian ·

Tell me why I am wrong. Part One.

I post a controversial opinion merely for entertainment purposes and you tell me that I am wrong. Change my mind!
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morganthedruid ·

What is your favourite ebay buy and feel free to pass on any tips for finding great watches.

I bought this 38mm Oriosa chronograph a couple of years ago on ebay for £350 and I think it's a beautiful looking watch. It's got a handwind Landeron...
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PopitonaNATO ·

What is this?

Hi all. So my watch repair kit has finally arrived from Mr Bezos' house of fun so naturally my first thought was to crack some casebacks off. I remove...
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chronotriggered ·

Things I wish watches still have…

Movement covers… I always get really happy when I pop an old watch and I see one of these. It’s like they really cared about what happened to the watc...
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watchchris ·

Which is a better movement the Valjoux 7753 or the Eta 2894?

If you were building your own chronograph which movement would you use if you had to pick an off the shelf chrono? Which is a better movement the Valj...
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Robair ·

On movement accuracy and it’s changes…

Recently had the movement changed in this beauty they dropped in a brand new movement instead of working on my old on. When I got it back it was runni...
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HeroShrew ·

Queation - Seiko 5S21 movement

Hi fellow watch lovers. I've been thinking about modding using a Seiko 5S21 movement. Does anyone own one those Seiko spirit watches and/or know the h...
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Universal_Lee ·

Mechanical movements or…..

Do you have a preference? Do you even care? Rotor winding, microrotor, bumper or manual? Or do you like a quartz based movement be it battery, kinetic...
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