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TheJoker007 ·

To replace or not to replace the movement

So after a week of wearing my Casio MTD 1010 Sub homage, it finally decided to crap out. I don’t put any blame on the seller because I had tried a different battery I had lying around the seller did s...
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Bridger ·

Hamilton H-Series Automatic Movement, Departure From ETA Good or Bad?

I am a big fan of Hamilton. I consider myself pretty green when it comes to the latest changes and departure with Hamilton and ETA. Speaking directly...
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Whackawatch ·

Baltic MR01 finally got delivered!

After a month or so of waiting my pre-ordered MR01 came and I have to say it is awesome. It wears well, actually wears a bit smaller than my 36mm DD b...
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matthewrivai ·

Do quartz watches last a lifetime?

I know for a fact that mechanical watches do outlive their owners but what about quartz watches, do they have the same level of longevity?
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Wildcat033 ·

Best value for money watch from 2000 to 3000 € ?

Looking for a watch with some of the best value for money between 2000 to 3000 €. Any ideas watch fanatics plz? 😎 Versatile watch, nothing too dressy,...
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Warrior75 ·

Q&A Interview With Movement Manufacturer Selitta

This came up today on my YouTube recommended videos so thought I'd share it as it's pretty interesting
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Robinwatch ·

Resurrect a watch (replace mouvement) and need help :)

I want to resurrect a broke watch. I don't want to throw it away because this watch is from my grandfather. About the watch : It's a relatively modern...
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DariusII ·

Show Us a Favorite Table Clock You Own

Back in 2001, My Liberty Mutual sales manager gifted me this crystal Mikasa table clock for my proficiency in transacting the intangible wares of Life...
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ckim4watches ·

Tissot Powermatic 80 Movement

I had heard conflicting reports on this movement. There was talk about the inability to regulate it oneself, or use of 'plastic' parts. This is a grea...
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watchesandespresso ·

How the hell do they achieve this?

First of all: I’m not a Rolex fanboy. I wouldn’t even necessarily call me a „fan“. I own the Explorer 1 214270 (39mm), because I think it’s the nicest...
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