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Seiko Saturday! Back with this hi-beat beast

What Matters Most to you?

I find myself buying watches because of the dials, looking for texture, Indices, S,M,H Hands and so on. But what carries the most weight for you when choosing a watch?
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Is beat rate important to you?

Some relationships in my life have sent my heart into a tachycardial spin…while others have slowed it to near failure. In most cases (though wrenched)...

Some Thoughts on In-House Movements

Sharing some of my thoughts on the in-house terminology and how I navigate its use. I realize there are probably lots of different feelings on the mat...

Video: Let's Talk About In-House Movements - The Deep Track

Does it bother you to own multiple watches that uses the same movement ?

Seiko, Miyota, ETA and Sellita movements can be found in many different watches, would it stops you to buy a watch if it uses the same movement than a watch you already own ?
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Most exciting watch movements?

I'm a bit of a tech nerd in this space and am typically most fascinated by the inner workings of a watch. I'm curious if there are more like me out there and would be keen to know which movements, bot...
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Q: should I get my movement adjusted at watchmaker shop? (Seiko 8R48 chrono movement)

So you've probably seen my previous post about my Pitzmann III automatic chrono, and so far I love it. It's powered by the relatively new Seiko 8R48 a...

Tick Tock

Have you ever put your watch to your ear and listen to the movement? If you have, what sounds best? Mechanical, Automatic, or Quartz?
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I don't know squat about watch movements. I'm just getting into this hobby but would imagine that brands like Omega and Rolex have some of the best mo...