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My watchmaking kit

More photos follow馃槄馃檮

Help me choose a watch repair kit!

I'm in the market for a light-duty watch repair kit. Just something to change batteries and size bracelets, maybe tinker with some cheap watches and t...

10 EUR later... Life changed

Black friday deal for this simple tool. Honesly always hesitated swapping bracelets for straps preempting a headache... Worry gone, works like a charm...

Aspiring Watch Smiths

Just some friendly advice for aspiring watch smiths. Of course if you got Bergeon money go for it. If you鈥檙e on a budget, I recommend this over the wa...

Is a watch crown winding tool worth it?

I鈥檝e been thinking about getting a watch crown winding tool, just to make it easier to wind my watches. Is it worth getting one?
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How much the quality of your tools changes the way you operate

Recently I acquired a bergeon 6767. I noticed a big big change, not only in the percieved quality, but also during the use. Given that my other tool comes from an Amazon kit that costs as the bergeon...
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Either I'm stupid or I'm not buy the right tool

Recently just bought a tweezer tool in an attempt to switch out a bracelet for a nato strap on my Longines Hydroconquest and for the life of me I cann...

Watch toolkit

As with most hobbies, over time you start building a collection of tools that supports your passion. In this case I would like to share the state of m...

Fixed broken screw before anyone?

I've got a tiny screw that broke inside the hole. I'm asking for help here because watchmaking tools seem the most appropriate means to tackle the pro...

Has anybody used any of these springbar pincers?

I'm finally giving up on getting the bracelet back on my Oris using regular springbar tools. I'm looking at one of these ( will consider others). Does...