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Oris boutique night

Fun with the Watch Collectors Club! As usual, everything is available to try on, super enthusiastic staff too. We saw the new white ceramic insert Aqu...

Hand painted Oris Aquis - Sun Wukong Limited Edition 1/75

£21,900.00 From Oris: The Sun Wukong Artist Edition watch features a unique hand-painted cloisonné enamel dial, depicting the Dragon King's palace. In...

Bright phones

Pretty sure I’m going to go all black next time. This red haunts every polished surface it touches 😑

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commented on TaylorD123's WRUW ·

Ah this might be a smart way for me to go about a summer watch. I’ve been caught by surprise by an Oris 65 in bronze on rubber recently, this really stands out too! I was really reminded of a Zodiac with white ceramic.

I loved the Pineapple Dream I tried on. *pic at bottom

Ahhh I want a white ceramic Zodiac ❤️


(Outside but more versatile choice)



commented on Kieron's WRUW ·

Seiko divers always look cooler to me without a bracelet, looks nice 👌

commented on What do yiu consider a statement watch? ·

I’d say a fancy dial Grand Seiko or an auto or manual wind Cartier.

Both fit the price bracket and both make a ‘statement’ in terms of their design. They’re not going to show up your boss though with a Rolex and they’re understated in that nobody not into watches will have a clue what they are!

commented on work_time_wrist_shot's WRUW ·

This Christopher Ward managed to pass me by, hadn’t heard of it before, looks fantastic!

commented on Hand painted Oris Aquis - Sun Wukong Limited Edition 1/75 ·

God no haha! Plenty of financial goals I’d need to hit before being able to drop that kind of money on another watch.

I’d be interested to know how many of the 75 have been sold though!

commented on New JLC AD opened up near my place ·

Gold JLC is something else. So beautifully done.

commented on The eagle has landed (so to speak) 🔥 ·


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Wounded watches, what would you do?

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Panerai boutique night with Glenfiddich

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Watches & Cars - Hot take 🌶️

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10/10 lume

High legibility, solid construction. Lugs make strap changes difficult, but it looks better on the steel anyway.