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timegeek ·

Does this example of Hulk hoarding make you green with envy or rage?

Here's an interesting true story appropriate for #greenfridays #greenwatches #verdeviernes A flipper buys a green #rolexsubmariner for 11 years in a r...

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: This is the worst thing in the watch world ever

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What questions do non-watch lovers ask you?

Although I'm not sure I become a consigliere by answering "When are you going to buy a Rolex," author Ricardo Sime's 3 most-asked questions are probab...

Defending your obsession: 3 common questions I get from non-watch lovers

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Which watch are you wearing on National Watch Day?

Yes, it's Father's Day, Juneteenth, and National Martini Day in the US. But it's also National Watch Day ! Nordstrom department store created National...
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timegeek commented on Does this example of Hulk hoarding make you green with envy or rage? ·

Do you also use a clock app on your iPad to tell the time, possibly with a nice Nato strap and some fava beans?

Ipod Nano 6th Gen Wrist Watch Strap Case Review - Gizmo Dot | Gizmo Dot
timegeek commented on Does this example of Hulk hoarding make you green with envy or rage? ·

Good points - generally, I'm on board with whatever floats your boat, especially with watches, as long as no one gets hurt. I think the point the author is trying to make is that he only bought them to flip, and that "hurt" other potential buyers who would have worn them.

Rolex designs are mostly unappealing to me, but I do like a green watch, and you might say Rolex started a green wave with this.  Still, without interviewing the owner, it's a tough call as to whether he was collecting or investing (or both)...  It's also not clear that anyone was hurt by this, at least not enough to justifying a tar and feathering...

timegeek commented on How safe is wearing a luxury watch in your city? ·

I'll just put this out there...not far from home.

timegeek commented on What’s your favourite strap ·

I enjoy a variety of strap materials and types as much as a variety of watches, and also change straps to match the situation.  Seeing how others pair straps with watches on WRUW gives me ideas, too.  I will replace OEM straps and bracelets if they aren't good enough.

For example, although the Casio Duro strap is decent, especially for the cost, I found a great replacement bracelet that turns it into a much more premium watch.

@Jericho makes some great regular and exotic leather straps (the one made from chicken feet is one of my favorite straps). I like to wear it on the Weiss Ultralight, a strap monster.

BTW, @SeanS79, some Seiko bracelets are OK, but I'd include Casio, Orient, and Vostok in a list of bracelets to beware...

timegeek commented on My first true luxury watch ·

Congratulations on your wedding and on your watch!

timegeek commented on Omega, help identify model and is it worth keeping? ·

Very nice! And good find @surferjohn 

timegeek commented on Grand Seiko window shopping in San Diego ·

Next time you're here (Miami), I'd love to join you for that chat! 

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timegeek ·

Do you worry about theft when wearing an expensive (or expensive-looking) watch?

Last week, an American tourist lost his $45,000 Hublot to a mugger in broad daylight in Barcelona, a city known for over 6,000 thefts per day on visit...
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Most Dangerous Game - how do you choose the target of your next watch hunt?

In the movie Most Dangerous Game , Liam Hemsworth's character agrees to be hunted in order to provide for his wife and unborn child. The "game" involv...
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What makes a strap monster?

What is your favorite strap monster, and what makes it look great on almost any band? Many list several favorites , but do you " need " one? For me, i...
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Which brand to try the new Manufacture La Joux-Perret G100?

As a "sub-theme" movement collector, the new MLJP G100 movement looks interesting. AFAIK, the first available watch with the G100 was the Zelos Spearf...
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NASA / Sports / Hook & Loop / Velcro straps - best strap for beaters?

Whether you choose a $2 hook & loop band from Aliexpress, a $10 Kavu watchband like the one on this Vostok Amphibian Classic Operation Desert Shie...
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timegeek ·

Dials that look better outside

This Seiko Recraft SNKM97 stays in a watch box in a dark area and isn't worn much. I decided to wear it on a sunny day, and when I took the dog out no...
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